Could YOU Be the Reason Your Employees Are Quitting?

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As a manager or an employer, what work-related problems keep you up at night? Perhaps a high employee turnover rate is an issue that has you worried. This is one concern that should be immediately mitigated. After all, as is stated in the article Employee Turnover – How Much Is It Costing You?, “Studies have shown that it can cost up to 18 months’ salary to lose and replace a manager or professional and up to six months’ salary to lose and replace an hourly worker.” That’s a lot of money and a lot of headache! It’s far easier to hold onto employees in the first place than to replace them.

As an employer, you are probably well aware of the costs and other problems that accompany employee turnover. But, merely having an awareness of a problem does not solve it. However, when you have knowledge of what is causing the problem, then you can take the necessary steps to make things right. If many of your employees have quit/are quitting, it’s time to get serious about discovering why this is happening.

While there may be multiple factors playing into your employees’ decisions to leave work, it’s possible that YOU, their manager or employer, are one of those factors. Precious few bosses ever ask themselves whether or not they are causing employees to flee. This is a huge mistake when you consider the fact that HALF of all employees leave their job because of their manager.

You May Be a Bad Employer IF…

Take a look at the following list to determine whether or not you are scaring employees away:

You may be a bad employer if…


  • You don’t reward your employees – When was the last time you rewarded an employee for a job well done? If you can’t remember, it’s time to get on your game and start offering rewards and incentives to deserving workers.



  • You give promotions to employees who don’t deserve them – All of your employees notice when you, out of favoritism, promote a worker who is not deserving of a promotion. It is human nature to favor some people over others, but employers have the difficult task of overcoming this tendency and strictly promoting employees who have truly earned the privilege.


It’s time to face the music. Are you a pleasure or a pain to work for?

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