Corporate social responsibility


We all have our part to play.

We recognize that we all have parts to play, both as individuals and as a business, in improving the world around us. We’ve split our efforts into the four areas seen below.


We work with a number of charities including Cancer Care Manitoba, the Health Sciences Centre Foundation, and Special Olympics Manitoba. We encourage our people to get involved in the community through fundraising or volunteering and we do everything we can to support them. Each employee is given one ‘Pinnacle Day’ per month, in addition to his/her vacation days. We encourage our staff to use these paid days off to give back to their community.


We take the health, well-being, and personal development of everyone at Pinnacle very seriously. We offer internal and external training and a flexible working environment to all staff.


We operate an ethical supply chain and select our suppliers based on their environmental credentials and business integrity.


We try to reduce our impact on the environment as much as possible. We recycle all waste paper and electronic equipment and use technology and service (e.g. efax) to help reduce the amount of resources we consume. Electrical equipment is switched off at night, and we limit the use of air conditioning and climate control equipment as much as possible.

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