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In today’s rapidly changing business climate, Pinnacle’s flexible staffing solutions provide stability to your existing workforce.

Whether your challenge is filling a short-term gap in a hurry, a long-term vacancy over a fixed period of time, or a full-time permanent position, relying on Pinnacle to fulfill your workforce needs is a fast and easy solution.

We Provide Flexible Staffing Solutions:

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Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars based on 169 customer reviews

  • Terry Cyr and his team will find the right person and the more important the right fit. have used them and referred them without hesitation. They have filled... read more

    Wes Schollenberg

    They really help me a lot through out the whole recruiting process. Although I applied for a different position, after one to one interview with the recruiter (Rhae Redekop) carefully... read more

    Kaisar Bhuyan
  • Job search is already a job. Pinnacle helped me along the journey. I am very thankful to Courtney Czezowski for her kind assistance. For responding to my inquiries... read more

    Jessie Clamosa

    Great employment and staffing company. Work hard to keep you busy and provide jobs that match your skills and pay according to market wages. Would not hesitate to recommend to... read more

    Timothy Frention
  • Courtney Czezowski has helped me since we first connected a few years ago, not only professionally but personally. She always is quick to reply, give constructive feedback, and show options... read more

    Diana Siemens

    I contacted Cathryn Thomas to help find a suitable candidate for a position that was a difficult one to fill. Right away she was on the hunt and connected me... read more

    Melissa Meilleur
  • I've recently had the pleasure of working with Courtney and the Pinnacle team. We were tremendously impressed with the value proposition they bring to the table and level of... read more

    Lindsay Sawyer

    I had a great experience with Pinnacle! Maurice was awesome to work with, and he got me setup with a great situation at an amazing company! Would recommend 10 out... read more

    Blake Small
  • Great experience, the job that I was applying for was the right fit. The initial interview was very professional. I received very good information about the job and got the... read more

    Ilana Trachtenberg

    I worked with Cathryn Thomas, she was extraordinary at understanding what suit me best based on our meeting. she delivered a tailor-made solution throughout the whole process till I was... read more

    Eden Ettah
  • Courtney at Pinnacle is dedicated to working with an organization and finding a candidate that is not only qualified but who's values and goals are in line with a companies.... read more

    Chris Dixon

    Working with Pinnacle was a wonderful experience. My advisor, Courtney, took the time to get to know what really mattered to me and what I was looking for in terms... read more

    Mikayla Hunter

Recruitment is a process, not an event

Pinnacle specializes in staffing through a unique recruitment model based on personal interaction and communication with hundreds of new candidates each day. Pinnacle’s on-going and targeted recruitment process means we have a rich community of candidates with the qualifications, experience, work ethic and attitude to meet your business requirements when you need them. We identify top performers through in-depth interviews, and a full suite of background checks and industry-specific testing.

When your company needs to find highly skilled people, you’re just a phone call or click away from our extensive network of pre-qualified candidates.

Call 204-943-8649 or click here to complete the form so you can start tapping into our community of highly skilled talent.

Guiding principles

Think big – Dream bigger than most people think practical; expect more than others think probable. Believe in people – Treat them well, accept only the best and watch the magic. Thrive on competition – Compete with ourselves to become better every day. Welcome opportunities – A challenge is a solution waiting to happen. Nurture growth – Success is best when shared. Our Purpose - Improve the quality of life of our clients, candidates and ourselves; Bring it every day!

We keep it simple

We work to understand the culture and key business drivers of top Manitoba companies to connect them with top talent and deliver practical and customized workforce solutions. The foundation of our success is our team-based approach, leading edge technology, entrepreneurial spirit, and our commitment to continuous improvement.

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