3 Interview Questions All Employers Will Be Glad You Asked

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2200500024_e93db99b61Did you know that there are certain questions most employers will be glad you asked in a job interview? It’s true. And, if an employer isn’t happy to answer these questions for you, you may want to reconsider working for his or her company.

Teri Hockett, chief executive for What’s for Work?, says, “The very process of asking questions completely changes the dynamic of the interview and the hiring manager’s perception of you.” If you, a job seeker, want to make a great impression on an interviewer, you must be bold enough to ask a few key questions.

So, what are these alleged questions? We’re glad you asked! Read on to find out.

The 3 Questions You Should Ask at EVERY Job Interview

Here are the questions you should burn into your brain and never forget to ask in a job interview:

1. “Who filled this position previously? Why did he or she leave?” – Here we have a set of questions that packs a serious punch. It shows an interviewer that you want this job, but you are not desperate and won’t accept just anything. If you were, you would not be asking semi-nosy questions! The interviewer’s answers to these questions will give you an unveiled look at any ways the company may have played into the last employee’s decision to leave.

2. “What training programs are available to your employees?” – This question further establishes that you are a high-quality candidate that is eager to get more training and take on professional challenges. The answer to this question will reveal to you whether or not this company takes employee training seriously and makes it a priority.

3. “What is your favorite aspect of working here?” – This question may take your interviewer off guard, but it will help you to see the positive things about the company you are interviewing with. Also, it will give your interviewer a chance to talk a little about his/herself, and will help you build rapport with him or her. After you’ve asked this question, if you feel your interviewer wants to talk more, you could ask about what he or she did for work before taking this job.


It’s easy for job seekers to develop a “beggar” mentality that encourages them to take what they are offered without asking questions. After all, beggars can’t be choosers, can they? Maybe not, but you are not a beggar; you are a prospective employee who has a lot to offer any company. With a “can-do” attitude and the right questions, you may just land a job quicker than you think.


What questions will you be asking in your next interview?

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