TED Talks Teach Employers Creative Problem-Solving Skills

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rubiks-cube-835373_640Have you ever watched/listened to a TED talk that significantly impacted your life? Hundreds of thousands of people have. “Your Elusive Creative Genius” and “How to Spot a Liar” are among the twenty most popular talks. Topics such as these are excellent for personal development. However, TED talks aimed specifically at employers or HR specialists can be extremely helpful for those who are seeking professional development.

What issues are you as an employer dealing with at work? Will your employees not work? Is there a real lack of work-life balance in your office? Do you have trouble motivating your personnel? Whether one or all of these issues rings true with you, the TED talks mentioned below are packed with information to help you resolve them.

“Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work”

If you’re frustrated at your employees or yourself for neglecting to complete work while at work, the TED talk Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work is for you. Given by Jason Fried, this talk demystifies then reasons why there is so much apathy and procrastination in the workplace. Fried says that offices are breeding grounds for distraction and are not conducive to work. He suggests that employers give employees periods of uninterrupted time in which work can be completed.

“How to Make Work-Life Balance Work”

Ah, work-life balance. What a lovely, elusive concept it is. Those who do seem to have a good work-life balance rarely know how to teach others to have the same. Nigel Marsh, presenter of the talk How to Make Work-Life Balance Work, takes some of the guesswork out of creating a balanced life and helps employers and HR workers understand their role in promoting this ideal. Marsh encourages employees to be balanced in their view of work-life balance, saying, “Being more balanced doesn’t mean dramatic upheaval in your life. With the smallest investment in the right places, you can radically transform…the quality of your life.”

“The Puzzle of Motivation”

Dan Pink presented The Power of Motivation, a TED talk aimed at business owners, in 2009. In this talk, Pink debunks the myth that offering monetary incentives is the best way to motivate people. Pink suggests that cash incentives are not always effective at prompting motivation. He says employers should offer their employees benefits such as autonomy, purpose and mastery instead of cash bonuses.

These TED talks will expose you to new perspectives that may trigger your creative problem-solving skills like never before. This could lead to valuable solutions that promote permanent change.

Which of these three TED talk speaks to your particular workplace problem?


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