Your LinkedIn Profile Has 10 Seconds to Make a Great Impression

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Imagine that you are driving to the supermarket when a brand new song comes on the radio. If you’re like most people, that song has mere seconds to grab your attention and prevent you from changing stations. If the intro to the song is too boring and repetitive, you will NOT give that song the chance it deserves.

Your LinkedIn profile is no different from that song.

Did you know that your LinkedIn profile has only 10 seconds to make a good impression on potential employers? That’s right! Like the song, if your profile is boring and repetitive, prospective employers will “change stations” by clicking on someone else’s profile.

How to Create an Attention-Grabbing LinkedIn Profile

If you’re looking for a job, you’ve got to get on LinkedIn. Even more importantly, you’ve got to make your presence known on LinkedIn by creating an attention-grabbing profile that will pique the interest of employers. According to Liz Ryan, contributor to Forbes, your LinkedIn profile will only grab the attention of employers when it conveys these 5 things:


1. What your next career move will (hopefully) be – Definitely steer clear of vagueness when it comes to communicating your next career move in your profile. Whether it’s starting a part-time business or working for a specific type of nonprofit, tell your reader exactly what it is you want to do next in your career.

2. What type of problems you can solve for your next employer – Everyone is a problem solver. Even if there is only one problem you are especially good at solving, make it clear in your profile. Future employers are looking for employees that know what they are good at, so don’t worry about seeming overly confident.

3. Your proficiency in English – Your LinkedIn profile must prove your English skills. Even the most meticulous grammarian should have a friend proofread his or her profile BEFORE publishing it.

4. Your personality – Remember the boring song mentioned a few paragraphs ago? Well, it’s likely that that song lacked a sense of personality. It’s the same with LinkedIn profiles. Those that are run-of-the-mill will not dazzle readers. Liz Ryan says, “You are a cool and vibrant person. Why not let your personality show through in your LinkedIn profile? Who are you trying to impress by sounding like a robot? Remember that in a job search and on the job, only the people who get you, deserve you!

5. At least one brag-worthy deed – What is your most impressive career accomplishment? Make note of it in your profile. Employers want to know what you are good at, so tell them!


Remember, you only have 10 seconds to convey these 5 points, so be as succinct as you can.


So…do you have some work to do on your LinkedIn profile?

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