Changes You’ll See in the Recruitment Industry in 2020

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The recruitment industry is in for some big changes this year. In 2019, a few of the major trends in recruiting included gamification and virtual reality, recruitment marketing, inbound recruiting, and an increased use of AI, according to Zippia. Although different, this year’s trends will be equally as exciting. 

A Few Trends You’ll Notice in the Recruitment Industry in 2020

Wondering what recruitment trends you’ll see this year? Here are just a few:

1. Employer branding will become more authentic — According to, job seekers are craving authenticity from employers. Because of this, employer branding is likely to become increasingly authentic in 2020. A contributor to made an important distinction between company branding and employer branding. While company branding refers to an organization’s design and logos, as well as its mission statement, employer branding refers to the way an organization is perceived by prospective employees. The source stated, 

“Potential employees want to know what your people think about working for you, so be authentic by giving your employees a voice through blogs, video testimonials, and the like. Encourage your employees to generate their own content — the more spontaneous and natural, the better.”

To draw the best candidates, many employers will take steps to build a more authentic employer brand. By doing the same, you can stay current with this recruiting trend.

2. Candidate experiences will become more shareable — This year, it is more important than ever to deliver a good candidate experience to every job seeker. There are many benefits to delivering an exceptional candidate experience. For example, it can help you attract top talent. It also ensures job candidates share positive reviews of your company. Since one of the recruiting trends of 2020 includes an increase in sharing of candidate experiences, it’s critical that companies work to create a better candidate UX. HR Technologist stated, 

“Now, inspiring candidates to share their experiences on social platforms like Glassdoor will be a vital trend for your recruitment marketing strategies. Also, research suggests that there is a clear correlation between your recruitment marketing efforts and where your company stands on these social platforms.”

Want to create a better candidate UX? A few ways to do this include giving unsuccessful job candidates honest feedback after an interview, asking for feedback from candidates concerning your hiring process and implementing their tips, and increasing your cybersecurity efforts to ensure job applicants’ personal data remains safe and sound.

3. Increased use of mobile devices to find jobs — Most job seekers search for jobs on their mobile devices. This year, we will probably see a spike in the number of job candidates who use a mobile phone or other mobile device to find a job, according to Human Resources Today. And the source pointed out that mobile device use isn’t just for the younger generations: 

“While one might think that the majority of job seekers through mobiles are millennials or Gen Z’ers…the reality is a tad bit different. Glassdoor research revealed that jobs searched through mobiles peaks among Gen Xers with almost 55% of users making use of mobile devices in their job search.”

Recruiters and employers can prepare for this recruiting trend and increase their chances of finding the right candidates by making their application process more mobile-friendly. 

What trends do you expect or hope to see in the recruitment industry in 2020?

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