Why Taking a Break from Social Media Will Make You a Better Employee

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Social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they help us stay in touch with those who are important to us, alert us to events we may be interested in, and can even tip us off to a great job. But that’s not where the story ends. In the workplace, social media can be a serious impediment to the productivity and general wellbeing of employees. 

At least 90 percent of employees use social media, according to cleveland.com. A contributor quoted Dr. Richard A. Chaifetz: “Social media can be a significant distraction both at work and during personal time…. This leads to lack of focus and a constant changing of gears that can negatively impact performance, relationships and the ability to be fully present.”

You might find that getting off of social media is the best thing you ever did for yourself as an employee. Just one way this can benefit you in your work life is by boosting your productivity. 

Quitting Social Media Can Increase Your Productivity

Did you know that most people check their phones about 46 times a day? Many of these individuals are likely checking their social media accounts. “Considering that the average distraction delays your focus by 23 minutes, it’s easy to see how dangerous those distractions can become,” stated Inc.com. This indicates that if an employee checked their phone just 10 fewer times at work, that would free up 230 minutes to get more done. 

Quitting social media isn’t just fantastic for your focus and productivity at the office. Another way quitting social media can make you a better employee is by keeping you from comparing yourself to other people. 

Taking a Break from Social Media Can Help Stop Comparison

Comparison is rarely a good thing. Unfortunately, it’s practically impossible not to compare yourself to your friends on social media. The trouble with social media is that it only shows us the highlights of someone’s life and work successes. Constantly scrolling through Facebook or Instagram can stir up feelings of jealousy, insecurity, and, worst of all, discontentedness. Observing someone else’s seemingly great work life may even lower your personal job satisfaction. If comparison is an area in which you struggle as an employee, taking a break from social media for a while may be a great idea.  

Improve Your Mood with Less Social Media 

It’s a lot easier to be an excellent employee when you are in a good mood. “Social networks affect our mood and trigger more sadness than well-being,” stated Digital Reflections. Breaking away from social media may be an effective way to improve your mood and become a better employee. 

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