How to Keep Your Resume Safe from Age Discrimination

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Age discrimination is something many job seekers have experienced. Sometimes, younger job candidates are discriminated against, but more often than not it is older candidates who are overlooked due to their age. “More than 6 in 10 workers age 45 and older say they have seen or experienced age discrimination in the workplace,” stated the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. “Of those, 90 percent say it is somewhat or very common, according to a 2017 survey.” You can help to prevent age discrimination against your resume by taking a few simple steps. 

Prevent Age Discrimination Against Your Resume with These 4 Tips 

1) Ensure your experience is relevant — One of the best ways to protect your resume from age discrimination is to keep the work experience you list relevant. However, this can be counterintuitive. “…as tempting as it may be to include all your promotions over the last 30 years, don’t…. Whittle your resume down to two pages, and include only the most relevant information from your career. Try to match your resume as best you can to the skills and qualifications listed in the job posting,” stated Simply Hired

2) Omit your graduation date — Another way to stave off discrimination is by leaving your graduation date off of your resume, since it quickly gives your age away. While it shouldn’t matter what your age is, some hiring managers may disqualify you, even if on subconscious level, if they feel you are not the right age for a specific job. Improve your chances of getting a fair shot at the position by leaving your graduation date off of your resume altogether. 

3) Let employers know you are adaptable — One of the top traits employers seek in job candidates is adaptability. Older job applicants can use their resume to communicate their adaptability to potential employers. “Subtly, in your resume and cover letter, touch on achievements that illustrate a high energy level, strong technical skills, and adaptability to change,” suggested Work Force 50

4) Don’t disqualify yourself from jobs due to your age — Sometimes, we are our own worst critic. If you don’t want potential employers to disqualify you from positions because of your age, it’s important that you don’t disqualify yourself from these jobs. Don’t underestimate your abilities. If you believe you can add value to a company, you will radiate confidence through your resume, as well as through your interviews. 

Be Proactive About Preventing Age Discrimination

There is never an excuse for age discrimination in hiring. However, you can minimize the risk of your resume being overlooked or merely glossed over because of your age by keeping your experience relevant to the job you are applying for, omitting your graduation date, communicating your adaptability, and not discriminating against yourself because of your age. 

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