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Getting a job through a recruitment agency looks and feels a lot different than applying to jobs directly. There are a lot of steps in making a career move and recruiters are like a private coach who can assist and guide you along the way. If you are currently considering working with a recruiter, this is what you can expect from your experience with the Pinnacle Executive & Professional Search division. 

An organic, authentic interview. 

When you are not trying to frame your experience against a specific job description, it makes space for you to have an open, honest conversation. By asking broader questions about what you have enjoyed in previous roles and how that will influence what you are doing in a future position, your recruiter will get a better picture of potential fit. 

In addition, because Pinnacle recruiters are specialized in specific niches, they ask questions relevant to your profession and skillset. With their experience and industry knowledge, they might even suggest other positions that you have not considered before.  

Alerts about new opportunities. 

Even though you may be open to new roles, it doesn’t mean you are actively looking. Especially because finding a new job can quickly feel like a full-time job.  

Once your interview notes are in the system at Pinnacle, recruiters across the company can compare your skillset and wish list against their current and future roles and reach out if there appears to be a match.  

While it might not happen immediately, becoming aware of even a few opportunities per year over the course of your career can add up to quite an advantage over other people who might let a decade go by without seriously investigating new positions. In addition, many of the jobs at Pinnacle are not publicly posted – further putting you on an exclusive list.   

Additional insight into the job. 

Job postings can be vague and even confusing. However, Pinnacle recruiters spend a great deal of time with their clients to understand challenges, goals and how the ideal candidate will contribute – as well as the initiatives and benefits of why someone would consider them as their new employer.  

Because Pinnacle has built relationships with clients over many years and across multiple areas of the business, your recruiter can also offer big-picture information about the organization and share how other candidates have progressed within the company.  

Interview prep and debrief. 

In addition to general interview tips and exercises, your Pinnacle recruiter will tell you who you will meet and potentially what kind of questions to prepare for. The goal is to ensure you feel as prepared as possible going into the conversation.  

Based on your initial interview with the recruiter and because they have developed an understanding of your values and what is important to you in making a move, they may also suggest the kinds of questions that you could ask to determine if this will be a good fit.  

Post-interview, a debrief can serve to help you further assess how the interview went. At this point, your recruiter might also be able to provide clarity or identify any remaining questions and how to get answers. 

Templates and other resources. 

Pinnacle has compiled many resources over the last 20 years for different steps in the process of moving to a new job: resume templates, thank you’s, and even letters of resignation. These, accompanied with additional advice and support about when and how best to utilize, can help to increase your confidence through the process and ensure you’re putting your best foot forward.  

Resignation support. 

As you prepare to leave your current employer, managing those professional relationships – and the inevitable emotions – can be challenging. 

Discussing in advance the approach you might take and potential responses is a good way to prepare. Your recruiter has likely worked with many people through similar scenarios and can offer suggestions to keep the process professional.  

First day preparation. 

First day jitters can happen at any stage in a career. By connecting you with the right people and gathering the correct info, Pinnacle’s recruiters ensure that all details are taken care of – such as which door to go to, where to park, and who to ask for so that you can focus on showing up as your best self.  

Check Ins.  

Finding out how you progress in your role as well as how the employer sees the value you’ve added is a key part of our process. You can expect check-ins from your recruiter over the first year of your employment to ensure the position is what you thought it would be.  

If there are any questions or concerns, it can also open up the opportunity for your recruiter to suggest who might be the best person at the organization to connect with.  

Pinnacle recruiters are your career partner. It is equally as important to us to place the right people in the right roles as it is to see you grow and progress in your career. After all, our greatest success is the many candidates who become clients because of their trust in the Pinnacle process.   

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