When Hiring a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Company Makes Sense

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As the recruiting process becomes more and more complicated, many companies have contracted with firms to outsource their recruiting process. Known as Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), allows a business to transfer all or part of its recruitment activities to another company.

Below are some situations when RPO may make sense for your company:

You need to show company management how important the HR function is. Sure, it may be counterintuitive to think that contracting with an outside entity to handle the recruitment process could actually make HR look strong, but it’s entirely possible. Align yourself with a focused expert and you “become” that focused expert yourself.

In addition, the RPO company most likely will work to brand your company so that potential employees will consider you an “employer of choice.” Your company thus will be able to pick from among the best and the brightest in the candidate pool.

Hiring an RPO company will allow you to spend your time doing critical tasks in the management of your human resources. The RPO expert will do the sourcing, screening, interviewing while you’ll be able to concentrate on keeping your new and current employees happy and on the payroll. As you well know, employee turnover is a huge cost to company’s bottom line. Letting an RPO do the recruiting while you and your team work on retention is a lovely synergy — and will result in a huge cost savings over time.

The typical human resources department currently performs many different functions:  recruitment benefits management employee communications, and so on. It’s hard enough to keep up with new workplace initiatives and laws let alone keep up with the whirlwind that is recruitment.

The RPO, however concentrates solely on recruitment. It stays on top of the ever-expanding list of recruitment tools such as Web 2.0, resume databases, job boards, tracking systems, hiring trends, and so on.

RPO truly can help HR show management how strategic and valuable the human resources function is. Take the recruiting process from HR’s plate allows HR to do what it does best — manage talent and employee costs.

If you’re looking to outsource your recruiting process, Pinnacle Recruiting and Human Capital Solutions can show you how a partnership with us can benefit your bottom line. Why not free up your time from the constant churn that is recruiting and give our Winnipeg office a call? We look forward to being of service.

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