Strategic Ways to Use Staffing Services

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If you think using a staffing service is too expensive, please think again. Yes, we’re a bit biased, but we’d like to point out several ways a Manitoba/Winnipeg temporary staffing service can help your company’s profits.

  • Employees are a huge cost to your bottom line. Some businesses report payroll expenses (including the cost of offering benefits, worker’s compensation, vacation time, etc.) can be as much as 70-80 percent of a company’s monetary outlay. Contracting with a staffing firm removes those costs from your spreadsheets. The staffing firm takes on the burden of all those expenses.
  • Business can fluctuate. Lean times mean your business can thrive with your regular employee roster. But what about those times when business picks up? Using temporary staff allows you to function when times are busy, alleviating stress on your regular employees. If business remains up, you can hire your temp staff and, if business declines, you can let them go, incurring no expenses for unemployment insurance, unused vacation payouts, and so on.
  • Some people interview extremely well but turn out to be very poor employees. Asking a Manitoba staffing service to bring you workers on a temp-to-hire basis allows you to check out a potential employee’s work ethic, skill set and general “fit” for your company’s culture. If you or the temporary worker decide the position is a mismatch for his or her background, skills or needs, you can ask your employment firm to replace the person with another.
  • Small Winnipeg businesses — especially those without human resources specialists — may find that using a temporary service is a great way to save time and money interviewing, screening, skill testing and reference checking. The personnel staffing firm also takes on the cost of advertising for employees.
  • Employee turnover is another huge cost to a business. Replacing an employee can take up to three to five times the position’s salary. Contracting with a Manitoba staffing firm is a terrific way to reduce the expenses of those positions with high turnover.
  • Your personnel/HR department/person undoubtedly spends a considerable amount of time and money processing payroll. The staffing firm pays its contingent employees and also handles all accompanying paperwork and administrative tasks.

Here at Pinnacle Staffing, we genuinely believe you’ll find that your bottom line turns healthier when you partner with us for your staffing needs. We provide temporary employees for short- and long-term assignments, as well as candidates for temp-to-hire or direct placement needs for Manitoba and Winnipeg businesses.  Contact us today.

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