What Does Your Facebook Profile Say About You?

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In today’s economy, finding the right career opportunities can be a challenge. Social media sites like Facebook can be an excellent networking tool, and a great way to help raise your chances of finding your dream job.

But what does your Facebook profile say about you?

Your Facebook profile can be a perfect complement to your resume and professional LinkedIn profile, or it can sabotage your chances of landing your next job. Here are three things to keep in mind when preparing your Facebook profile and searching for jobs:

1. Maximize your privacy settings.
Maybe you only add Facebook friends and connect with people you actually know. But, did you realize that Facebook often changes their privacy settings, and automatically sets many aspects of your profile to “public?” Check your privacy settings to ensure only your friends and family see your latest pictures, updates and stories. And check those settings often – since Facebook regularly updates its settings and protocols, due diligence is required on your part to ensure your private thoughts and moments are only shared with those you know.

2. Don’t bash your former employers.It is never a good idea to bash former employers. And on Facebook, you likely know some people better than others…maybe some of your online “friends” are connected to potential employers? Or previous employers? That friend of a friend you met at a party last summer might know the hiring manager for the hiring manager at your dream job. Don’t kill a potential networking opportunity – and your reputation – by looking unprofessional and bitter. The best way to avoid saying something inappropriate pertaining to your career is to avoid career discussions altogether on your Facebook profile. And on that same train of thought…

3. Setup a separate Facebook profile for networking.
The best way to ensure your personal thoughts and experiences aren’t shared by potential employers? Create a separate profile (using a, separate professional email address) for your job search. Connect on Facebook and network with other professionals in your area. Then, use your statuses and updates to show them what a great catch you are! A separate, career-based Facebook profile can help shed some additional light on your skills and personality, so that potential employers get a glimpse of your top-notch credentials outside your resume.

Facebook can be a great tool for connecting with friends and family – and also potential career opportunities. By staying smart and keeping your private and professional lives separate, you’ll help increase your chances of landing the job, and most importantly – won’t lose an opportunity unnecessarily.

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