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Top Tech Trends Corporate Managers Should Know About in 2017

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So far, 2017 has been a year of impressive technological developments. From these developments have come tech trends that have the IT world buzzing. Understanding tech trends may not be mandatory for non-IT professionals, but it can be extremely helpful to individuals in supervisory positions in the corporate realm. Corporate managers, read about some of this year’s hottest tech trends below.

Top Tech Trends Corporate Managers Should Know About in 2017

Out of the dozens of tech trends that have been birthed this year, many will directly benefit businesses and corporations. A few examples of these tech trends include:

AI and machine learning

Recently, Forbes published an article titled Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2017. It reported that AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning will make great gains this year. It said AI and machine learning “can…encompass more advanced systems that understand, learn, predict, adapt and potentially operate autonomously.” What does this mean for businesses? According to Forbes, new AI and machine-learning trends could be used in banking to “model current real-time transactions, as well as predictive models of transactions based on their likelihood of being fraudulent.” Can you imagine how this tech trend might increase cybersecurity?

Mobile cloud computing

Mobile cloud computing (MCC) isn’t a tech trend that began this year, but it is constantly developing. In fact, it “will become the dominant architecture for mobile initiatives and mobile productivity enhancement,” wrote Forbes’ contributor AJ Agrawal. Mobile cloud computing is a little different than older mobile technologies. New MCC technologies take storage and data out of mobile devices and onto the cloud provider. This will result in increased employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

IT unbounded

In 2017, IT is becoming unbounded. In fact, IT unbounded is one of the hottest corporate tech trends. ‘IT unbounded’ refers in part to the reframing and repurposing of the traditional role of the Information Technology team. Instead of being bound to an office where non-IT employees fear to tread, IT teams are becoming more integrated with entire workforces, and more. Deloitte University Press said, “As organizations modernize their IT operating and delivery models, some are creating multifunctional teams and breaking down silos across IT. They are also looking beyond organizational boundaries to explore the open talent market and to form new types of relationships with vendors, incubators, and academics.” IT unbounded is a 2017 tech trend that has the potential to change the way companies function (for the better).

This is by no means an exhaustive list of 2017’s tech trends; it is just a sampling of trends that will increase productivity and benefit thousands of businesses this year and in years to come.

Which 2017 tech trends are you, a corporate manager, most excited about? What new tech trend do you plan to implement in your company soon?

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