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A Few Job Interview Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

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As a job seeker, have you ever felt like you’ve heard all the job interview tips there are? Many articles offer “unique” job interview tips that aren’t always all that unique. Believe it or not, there are quite a few tips you’ve likely never heard of, and they may be your keys to acing your next job interview.

A Few Job Interview Tips You’ve Never Heard Of

Job interviews can be intimidating. There’s no doubt that a good number of well-qualified candidates have been overlooked simply because of nerves or lack of preparation. Ensure this never happens to you by taking the following job interview tips to heart:

  • Make sure your hands are visible – Did you know that during a job interview, it is best to show your hands? This sounds strange but is true. Guardian Careers stated, “It has been proved that we are much more likely to get a job if we have our hands visible on the table in front of us rather than hiding under the table. Showing our hands is a sign of honesty.” Who knew?


  • Be prepared to answer weird questions – We all know the typical questions hiring managers ask during interviews: “Why do you want to work here?” “What would you like me to know about you?” “Why do you feel you are qualified for this position?” Usually, we are prepared to answer these predictable questions. However, the wise job seeker comes prepared to answer questions that seem…weird. Examples are, “Which superhero could defeat any other superhero?” and “How would you title your autobiography?” Were a hiring manager to pose one of these questions to you, would you be prepared to answer it? Discover several other unusual questions that may be asked at your next job interview in The Undercover Recruiter’s article How to Answer the 5 Weirdest Interview Questions.


  • Visualize success – The power of visualization is simply amazing. In the days before a job interview, close your eyes and imagine yourself confident, calm, and competent during your interview. While you can’t manipulate the outcome of an interview through visualization, you can put yourself in a frame of mind that increases your chances of being hired. A job seeker needs every advantage he or she can get during a job interview, and pre-interview visualization can give a candidate a helpful edge.


  •  Make interviewers feel important – The next time you step into a room where a job interview will be held, take a moment to forget yourself and focus on your interviewers. Imagine that each person in the room has a sign around his or her neck that says “make me feel important.” Honor those imaginary signs. Everyone wants to feel special and deserves to be treated with the utmost respect. Making eye contact and giving one or two genuine compliments are effective ways to make interviewers feel important and comfortable around you.

So there you have it – several job interview tips you may have never heard of. Were any of the tips mentioned here new to you?

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