Top-Talent Job Candidates Get Hired in 10 Days…So Speed Up Your Hiring Process!

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Are you hiring candidates quickly enough? If you’re having trouble securing top-talent employees, maybe not.

Some sources say that the hiring process can take over a month, and that the interview process alone can take up to 23 days. But an article published in 2016 suggested that super talented employees get snatched up in about 10 days. It encouraged readers to speed up their hiring processes.

Talented Job Candidates Get Hired Quickly

If there’s anything hiring managers need to be aware of, it’s that talented job candidates get claimed quickly. Just how quickly depends upon the industry as well as the candidates. 10 days is fast, and unless hiring managers are on top of things, the very candidates that could benefit their companies will be gone. More accurately, unless hiring managers make it their top priority to hire quickly, the people they need will slip right through their hands. 

Assign a ‘Hire-By Date’ to Top-Talent Employees  

What should hiring managers do to speed up the hiring process? According to a contributor to Recruiting Intelligence, those in charge of hiring should assign a ‘hire-by date’ to the candidates they are most interested in:

“Assigning a ‘hire-by date’ to a candidate serves a similar purpose, and that is to remind everyone that dragging out hiring decisions doesn’t improve hire quality, it actually reduces it. You certainly wouldn’t want to force a quick hiring decision unless your targeted top performers were in demand because of the extremely high value that they add. And their economic value might be five times that of a regular employee because employees in the top 5 percent of a firm’s workforce can produce 26 percent of that firm’s total output.”

Some may assume that acting hastily could result in making hiring mistakes. There may be some truth to this, but speeding up the hiring process may actually help hiring managers go with their gut instinct on which job seekers to hire. Very often, that initial instinct proves to be right. 

How to Prioritize Job Candidates

Prioritizing which job candidates to consider hiring the most quickly is fairly easy. All you have to do is decide which candidates could be most valuable to your company. Who would benefit your organization immediately? Put those individuals at the front of the hiring line, and don’t let your competition get ahold of them first.

How Long Does It Take Your Company to Hire People?

About how long would you say it takes your company to make the decision to hire a candidate? If it is more than 10 days, it’s time to speed things up! Don’t lose the talent your organization needs to another company that takes action faster.

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