5 Tips for Surviving Being a New Employee

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Each month, thousands of individuals around the world start a new job. While cultures vary, first-day-on-the-job butterflies affect everyone. “New kids” at work can take specific steps to combat nerves.

5 Tips for Surviving Being a New Employee

For children, the first day of school can be awkward and a little scary. It’s no different for adults on their first day at a new job. Survive being a new employee by taking these actions:

1Connect with others by smiling — According to Psychology Today, smiling is a proven way to connect with others. When we are nervous or uneasy, smiling doesn’t usually come naturally. Be sure to smile during your first few days on the job, knowing it will connect you to others and help you build rapport with them.

2. Attend social functions — The social aspects of your work life are important. That stated, if someone asks you to lunch or an after-work gathering, go. You need to build relationships with your peers, so make socializing a priority even if you are short on time.

3. Be respectful to everyone — If you want respect as an employee, you must first give it. A mistake some new hires make is only showing a high level of respect to their leadership. Inc. said, “It doesn’t matter where you are in the pecking order or where anyone else is. Treat everyone with the same high level of respect, from the entry-level employee to the CEO. You never know who could have your back, do you a favor–or even be your undoing.” This “do unto others” approach will do good things for you.

4. Request regular meetings with your boss — Did you know that it is appropriate to request regular meetings with your direct manager? US News suggested new hires phrase this request in the following way: “I could really use 20 minutes to make sure I’m accomplishing what you want me to accomplish and for you to give me any new direction.” Your manager will be impressed by this, and it will keep you on track professionally.

5. Avoid gossip — There are gossips at every workplace. Don’t join forces with them. Make a pact with yourself to not say anything negative about anyone or anything, especially in the first week or two on the job. This will repel gossips and draw the quality individuals you want to connect with.

Being the new person at the office can be uncomfortable. The more quickly you make friends and establish a great reputation, the better. Do this by…

  • Smiling (even if you don’t feel like it)
  • Saying “yes” to social invitations
  • Respecting everyone equally
  • Requesting regular meetings with your boss
  • Avoiding gossip completely

Which of these tips will you try?

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