Strengthen Your Workforce in One Month

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imagesA strong workforce is the desire of all employers. Why? Because employers know that a thriving workforce keeps an organization healthy and productive. Employees are the heart of a workforce, and without them workplaces would cease to exist. Unfortunately, it’s easy to forget just how valuable the employees that comprise a workforce actually are.

Is your workforce weak? Would you love to strengthen your workforce quickly? You can, and it’s easier than you think.

How to Quickly Strengthen Your Workforce

While there is no overnight cure for a weak workforce, you may begin to see a real change within several weeks of taking the following actions:


1. Place a high value on employees – Are you unsatisfied with the performance of your employees? If so, ask yourself if they are being properly valued. W. Edwards Deming said, “Your employees are not assets to be bought and sold, but treasures that must be preserved at all costs.” Your employees will feel like valued treasures when they know you are investing in their training and ensuring they have the resources needed to perform their jobs efficiently. Remember, employees become infused with strength when treated with honor.

2. Reward those who work for you – Many employers shy away from rewarding employees due to the faulty assumption that it is not within their budget to do so. Did you know that there are dozens of cost-effective ways to reward employees? Simply thanking employees, offering them a little more scheduling flexibility and giving them inexpensive gift cards are great ideas for strengthening your workforce via rewards and incentives.

3. Foster corporate unity – A vital aspect of workforce strength is corporate unity. If your budget allows, implementing an eLearning system can help you ensure that employees are well trained and on the same page with one another. Also, a Learning Management System (eLearning system) is the perfect tool to teach employees workplace expectations and company values, which will definitely increase organizational unity.

4. Invest in building sponsorship/partnerships – Did you know that an organization’s lack of sponsorship/partnerships may weaken its workforce? The National Career Development Association’s Ron Eldson made an excellent point when he said that building internal and external relationships would help an organization increase support for career development initiatives and sustain momentum once initiatives have been launched. Investing in these internal and external relationships will strengthen your workforce and keep it strong long-term.

5. Empower employees – In addition to valuing employees, it’s equally important to empower them. Part of empowering employees is not micromanaging them, but giving them room to make mistakes; this type of behavior communicates trust and respect and can increase workforce strength. Tel Ganesan, owner of Kyyba, a company that grew 123 percent in just three years, says, “I tell my employees, ‘Make your own decisions…If you’re not creating problems, then you’re not trying hard enough. Just don’t make the same mistake twice.”

Whether your workforce is weak, strong or somewhere in the middle, you can improve it simply by facilitating corporate unity and valuing, empowering and rewarding employees. These small changes will make a huge impact on the growth and strength of your workforce.

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