What Do Recruiters Desire from Job Seekers?

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imagesWhat do recruiters desire from job seekers? That is a question every job seeker who is serious about finding a position should ask. Honestly, a job candidate may remain unemployed if he or she fails to learn how to be more appealing to career recruiters.

So, what is it that career recruiters want from job seekers? What is on the average recruiter’s job candidate wish list? The answer is short and sweet: visibility and dedication.

Job Seekers Must Make Themselves Visible to Recruiters

In today’s job market, applicants must work to increase their visibility. Because the job market is so competitive, the more visible a job seeker is, the better. The fastest and easiest way to increase visibility is to be active on social media. Recruiters are very present on social media, and individuals seeking to be discovered by recruiters should be, too. At the very least, job seekers should be on Linkedin and Twitter. Carol Watson, CEO of Tangerine Watson Inc, commented:

“What recruiters are looking for in the marketing and media business is a candidate that is interesting.  Take advantage of the summary section of Linkedin to share your passions, what you are interested in learning more about and your point of view in your industry or specialty.  Add in particular outside passions and unique skills, software and training….”

Being present on social media is a must for job seekers who truly want to stand out to recruiters.

Recruiters Want Job Seekers to Be Dedicated to the Job Search Process

When someone is unemployed, his or her job is to find a job. However, not all job seekers are consistently putting in the legwork necessary to find a position or to be found by a recruiter.

Recruiters seek job candidates who are on top of their game in that they are 100 percent dedicated to the job search process. Such individuals have a great resume and awesome social media profiles, are well dressed/groomed and are routinely networking to find a job. These dedicated people are most attractive to career recruiters.

Polished Resumes are Non-Negotiable for Recruiters

It’s especially important to recruiters that a candidate’s resume is in shape. In her article Job Seekers, Career Recruiters Want 4 Things from You, Shala Marks points out the importance of an on point resume: “I don’t have to tell you how much one misspelling on a resume can cost you…If you skip out on editing and proofreading your resume before sending it you might as well have not applied. The recruiter is bound to click ‘delete’ anyway.”

A wise job seeker understands that a recruiter can quickly change the status of his or her employment, and a wiser candidate seeks to understand and fulfill a recruiter’s desires. A person who is active on social media and has dedicated his or herself to being the best job candidate possible has an increased chance of being recruited; those who have felt invisible to recruiters can turn things around by taking these simple actions.

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