When to Stay With Your Current Employer and When to Consider a New Opportunity

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Have you just been offered a new position and are wondering whether or not to accept it? Many people will decide based on salary alone — if the new job pays more, they jump! But money truly isn’t everything. Here are some things to consider as you make a decision:

1) How is your relationship with your supervisor? Is it positive or negative, a little of both or more one than the other? How you get along — or don’t get along — with your boss is a huge indicator of your job satisfaction. If you have a poor relationship with your supervisor now, think of your potential new boss. How does she make decisions? How does she manage (does she like to hover, which makes you think she’s a micro-manager?), and so on.

2) Take a real and hard look at the type and amount of work you’ll be performing. Does overtime seem to occur regularly (and is this a good or bad thing for your situation)? If OT is common, what does this say about the new department? Bad planning? Too few resources? Or is it something else? What are your opportunities for advancement? Does the company promote from within or does it bring in people from the outside for supervisory positions? How much authority and/or autonomy will you have?

3) Reflect on the company’s mission and its values. Are these something you can “get behind?” What is the reputation of the company’s leadership team?

4) Who will be your new colleagues be? How do they appear to relate to each other now? Did you detect a real feeling of camaraderie, or did you sense tension and subtle office politicking going on?

5) How “healthy” is the company? Has it been making major cutbacks lately? Have salaries been frozen for several months? Many companies have had to tighten belts considerably in recent months, so these types of money-saving measures may not be a harbinger of tougher times to come. But it’s always wise to know how a company is doing before coming aboard.

6) How long will your new commute be? Shorter? Many people look for new jobs because their commute is too long. If taking the offer means your commute will be longer, what will compensate you for the additional time on the road? A chance to try things you’ve always wanted to try? A much larger salary? If you have a short commute now, understand that most of us underestimate the toll having a long commute (45 minutes or longer each way) takes on our psyches, our health and our family life. Consider carefully if the new job is worth it.

Once you’ve found the answers to the questions above, we advise that you make a list of the pros and cons of taking the new position versus staying put. At the very least, take at least 24 hours before making any decision.

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