Communication Tips for Managers

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When it comes to effective management, communication is key. Not only does this ensure a professional and inviting workplace atmosphere, but it also allows employees to feel comfortable in their positions, thus increasing their overall happiness with their jobs as well as their productivity. Here are few solid tips a manager can follow to ensure harmony in the workplace:

  • Be clear when communicating your needs to employees. Be direct in what you need done and when you need it. If you talk in half sentences, aren’t strong and clear in your speech and just generally dance around issues, chances are your employees may lose respect for you as a manager, and also may not complete tasks or projects properly because they are not sure of the right actions they should take
  • Maintain an open door policy. Encourage your employees to come and talk with you at any time about issues they may be having with other co-workers, projects on which they are working or any work-related issue. Some employers maintain an open door policy about any issue, work related or not. Either way, if employees feel comfortable coming to you, chances are you will able to put out any office fires before they start.
  • When possible, put your directives and other important messages in writing. It can be hard to remember something that’s been said and written directions or memos can go a long way to toward ensuring your staff members know exactly what is expected of them.
  • Remain professional at all times. As a manager, you are held to a higher standard and must always set the example regarding how you communicate and interact with your subordinates. Never yell or use profanity when communicating with employees. Speak in a calm, even tone even if someone has done something to upset you. Refrain from being emotional when addressing issues and remember that the more professional you are, the more likely you are to get the end results you desire.

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