5 Skill-Assessment Quizzes for Maximizing Team Performance

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Getting to know your team is essential for effective performance management. 21 years of recruitment in Winnipeg has taught us a lot about building and maintaining strong teams. To maximize performance and collaborative efforts, make an effort to get to know each individual’s skills, strengths, and motivations! That information can help inform your strategies for project management, task delegation, and more.

So, what’s the easiest way to learn about someone’s skills and work habits? Of course, a simple conversation can go a long way—but tools are available that can offer profound insight with minimal effort. We’re particularly fond of quizzes that assess work styles and special skills—and these ones are actually pretty fun to complete!

Try These Colourful Quizzes for Maximizing Team Performance

Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, and motivations. No one is perfect at everything!
When we identify how people work, what they bring to the table, and areas where they could benefit from a little extra support, we can create strategies that set our teams up for success.   

Here are five quizzes and skill assessments you can share with your team to get to know each other better—their work styles, the areas in which they excel, and the stuff that might be out of their wheelhouse.  

5 Skill-Assessment Quizzes for Maximizing Team Performance Winnipeg Pinnacle Recruitment Firm

Adobe Creative Types Test

It’s no surprise that the design pros at Adobe were able to create such a visually stunning quiz! The colourful animations and quirky art style make this a particularly entertaining tool for assessing work strengths.

The Adobe Creative Types Test categorizes people into one of eight personas representing creative work styles and aptitudes. Types like “The Producer” are known for their ability to lead projects, exceed productivity targets, and make big things happen. “The Artist,” on the other hand, is known for their vibrant expression, emotional intelligence, and ability to create compelling and visually stunning work.

The cool thing about Adobe Creative Types is that it identifies other types who are compatible for great collaboration. For example, The Visionary is full of brilliant insights and ideas but sometimes needs more structure and discipline to stay on track. The Thinker is more logical and disciplined, with a knack for creating systems and networks. When you combine the creative forces of The Visionary with the machine-like savvy of The Thinker, their collaborative efforts can move mountains!  

Multiple Intelligences Test

Based on the work of Harvard University developmental psychologist Howard Gardner, this skills assessment identifies nine different “intelligences.” These areas of intelligence not only help us understand the skills we possess—they’re also great for understanding our ideal methods for learning. For example, some employees struggle to follow verbal instructions but can easily follow a lengthy list of instructions on paper.

The Multiple Intelligences Test will give you a score for each category and identify your top three highest scores. Here’s an overview of each type of intelligence and its associated aptitudes.  

Linguistic Intelligence

Those who score high in this category have a way with words. They’re gifted writers and speakers who craft compelling content and persuasive speeches.

Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

These folks are fantastic at crunching numbers, interpreting data, solving complex problems, and calculating probabilities. They make terrific accountants, strategists, and detectives.

Musical Intelligence

This intelligence manifests as a keen awareness of music’s structure, emotions, and overall composition. They’re attentive listeners who can identify patterns and systems to make sense of abstract concepts.  

Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

Movers and shakers by nature, these types are physically active and love staying engaged with hands-on work. Sometimes, diving right into a new activity is the best way for them to learn!

Spatial-Visual Intelligence

This intelligence is categorized by a knack for navigation and the ability to visualize and map out physical spaces or objects. Studies show that folks who score high on spatial-visual intelligence tend to struggle more with linguistic intelligence—and vice versa!

Interpersonal Intelligence

You’d make a terrific mediator or human resources professional if you score high in interpersonal intelligence. These types are great at communicating, connecting, and empathizing with other people.

Intrapersonal Intelligence

On the flip side, those with intrapersonal intelligence are highly self-aware. They can look inward, analyzing their thoughts and emotions to uncover profound insight. Strong intrapersonal skills make for terrific psychologists, writers, and team leaders.

Naturalistic Intelligence

Biologists by nature, these types seek out the patterns and relationships that govern ecology. They love exploring, and you can count on them to identify all the plants, animals, or fungi they spot on a nature hike.

Existential Intelligence

The philosophers of the world, those with existential intelligence, ask life’s big questions, seeking meaning and exploring the unknown. They love philosophical debates and analyzing the ethics of social issues.

16 Personalities

This quiz takes a few pages from the playbook of the Myers-Briggs personality test but with a bit of Jungian psychology peppered in. Instead of hard-to-decipher acronyms like ISTJ and ENFP, the types have names like “The Campaigner” and “The Logistician.” The 16 Personalities Quiz offers snapshots of individual strengths and weaknesses, ideal career paths, workplace habits, and other areas of interest.

Lumina Spark

Lumina Spark is the way to go if you want to dive deep into a highly detailed assessment that provides profound insight into work styles and aptitudes. It’s especially useful for self-awareness and skill development in the workplace.

For employers, administering the Lumina Spark test to employees can make selection and training much more manageable. For individuals, Lumina Spark helps to increase self-awareness, improve relationships and productivity, cope better with stress, and collaborate more effectively.

After completion, the test analyzes your results through three lenses: the underlying persona, everyday persona, and overextended persona. The aim is to offer participants a whole-person overview with consistent reasoning, removing the need for additional tests.

Lumina’s materials are available for purchase only, but the insights gained are well worth the investment! They also offer other specialized packages, such as Lumina Leader, Lumina Sales, and Lumina Team.

Which Character from “The Office” Are You?

Okay… this quiz isn’t exactly based in science. But let’s be honest: we all want to know who’s the Jim and who’s the Pam at work. Every office needs a Michael to keep us motivated, an Angela to keep us organized, a Kelly to keep us updated on the latest news, and an Erin to bring bursts of positivity. And as strange and mysterious as they may be, having a Dwight or a Creed in the office always keeps things interesting. Try it now to find out which character from “The Office” you’re most like!

Looking for new methods for maximizing your team’s performance, beyond simple quizzes and skills assessments?

Browse the Pinnacle blog to discover more insights and tutorials on supporting your employees to produce their best work! If you want to grow your team, contact our Winnipeg-based recruitment team today to help you find qualified talent right when you need it.

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