The Secret to Succeeding In Your Job Search

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Did you know that there is a secret to succeeding in your job search? The secret has nothing to do with connections, and not as much to do with experience and ability as you may think. Believe it or not, a confident attitude is the key to finding and securing the job you want.

Why Confident People are More Likely to Get Hired

Confident people get jobs. In fact, bold individuals get just about everything: raises, relationships, affirmation, etc. These people are often touted as lucky, but attitude, not luck, is responsible for their success. A confident attitude leads these people to believe that they can indeed have the job of their dreams. This belief prompts them to go after the positions they want, do what they need to do to become competitive candidates, and take risks. As a result, they end up getting hired. This can be disheartening to witness if you’re in the midst of an unsuccessful job search.

How to Have a Confident Attitude

Having a confident attitude isn’t as much about willpower as it is right thinking. Simply put, if you believe negative things, your life is going to be sub-par in some way. A major untruth that job seekers buy into is the myth that certain people, themselves excluded, are mysteriously fortunate in the professional realm. This is not the case.

Believing that some job seekers will naturally be more successful than you is a dangerous assumption. It not only places you in the role of victim, but it also immediately shifts your attitude to one that is passive and repellent to employers. Thankfully, simply changing your belief from “some people have an advantage over me” to “some people appear lucky because they are confident. I, too, can learn to be confident” will instantly transform your attitude. Trading the former belief for the latter will change the way you think, which will change the way you behave in your job search, which will change your results.

Of course, getting rid of negative beliefs isn’t the only way to attain a positive attitude. Here are a few more ways to become a more confident job seeker.

You Can Be Confident Without Appearing Arrogant

Most people never grasp the positive attitude they need in order to reach the level of professional success they desire. Why? Because they are afraid of appearing arrogant. Because of this, they shun confident mindsets and behaviors that could possibly be misconstrued as haughty. You can be confident without being arrogant by simply realizing that because you fear arrogance, you are probably not prone to it!

Author and speaker Kris Vallotton said, “Confidence looks like arrogance to the insecure.” As you cultivate an attitude of confidence, beware of those who may try to bring you down. Rest assured that the type of employer you seek probably won’t mistake true confidence for arrogance and will be on the lookout for potential employees who are sure of themselves.

Do you feel unlucky when it comes to finding a job? Do you think a lack of confidence has anything to do with this? If so, what beliefs may be holding you back from greatness?

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