10 Ways to Make Your Employees Like You in 2017

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Do you want your employees to like you? A better question is “what manager doesn’t want his or her employees’ admiration?” Thankfully, luck has nothing to do with whether or not your workers esteem you. Getting respect from those you supervise can be achieved by taking specific actions that are not manipulative, but intentionally caring.

10 Ways to Make Your Employees Like You in 2017

The start of the New Year has supervisors everywhere setting team goals. In the midst of this, those in management positions should not neglect to set personal goals as well. Is one of your personal goals to get your employees to like you more? There is nothing shallow about this. Frankly, your being more popular with employees is in both your and their best interest.

It’s frustrating, to say the least, to feel misunderstood and disliked by others – especially your employees. And, it affects your workers as negatively as it does you. Change your employees’ opinions of you by…


  1. Saying “good morning” and “good evening.”


  1. Treating them the way you wish your supervisors treated you.


  1. Giving them additional training in areas that need improvement, as well as in subjects that interest them.


  1. Always pointing out when they have done a job well. According to Paul Petrone, Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, Fortune 500 Company Quintiles “reduced turnover by 50 percent…by doing a better job of telling their employees ‘good job.’”


  1. Acknowledging when they have taken risks, and letting them know that risk-taking is encouraged.


  1. Listening closely and maintaining eye contact with them during conversation.


  1. Learning their spouses’ and childrens’ names. This may earn you your workers’ admiration quicker than anything.


  1. Not letting them walk all over you. Instead, make it clear that you aren’t afraid of saying no to them and taking action when it’s needed. Employees respect and like managers better when they are kind as well as strong.


  1. Making small gestures that express great care. For example, Forbes’ staff member Jacqueline Smith wrote, “Leaving someone a handwritten note of congratulations after a promotion or major milestone can be very memorable. Taking time before starting any interaction to ask ‘How are you?’ and genuinely showing interest in the answer can also be effective.”


  1. Smiling more often. Don’t be fake by any means (employees will see right through it), but make an effort to be friendly. This makes all the difference in the way workers perceive and feel about you.


Good people are too often categorized as “horrible bosses.” This need not ever be the case for you. If you’ve struggled with employees disliking you, 2017 is your year to turn things around by making changes that are as simple as they are profound.

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