The Secret to an Easy Career Transition

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Can transitioning to a new career be easy? Most people would say no. Drinking a chocolate milkshake, watching your favorite movie, spending $100 on electronics or clothing — now THOSE are easy tasks. Starting a brand new career, not so much.

Take a moment to challenge the belief that a career transition has to be toilsome. Allow yourself the luxurious thought that it can be easy and (dare we say it?) fun. Imagine yourself quickly catching onto your new job requirements, effortlessly making new friends, and thriving in your workplace. Does it all seem too good to be true? It doesn’t have to be.

The Secret that Unlocks an Easy Career Transition

What you need to ensure a painless job transition is not wishful thinking; it’s a certain kind of attitude. Before you abruptly close your browser window, take two more minutes to finish this article. You might think you’ve read and heard it all about the correlation between a great attitude and a great life. We’ve all grown up hearing saccharin slogans like “shoot for the moon and you’ll land among the stars” and “if at first you don’t succeed, try again!” Sometimes such positive talk/thinking is helpful. When it comes to smoothing out a career transition, however, it will probably be only mildly effective.

The type of attitude that unlocks an easy career transition is NOT a positive one, but a confident one. There’s a big difference. For most of us, feelings of confidence cannot be drummed up at will. On the contrary, they have to be brought about by a specific behavior. Thankfully, one simple, deliberate change in behavior can produce a confident attitude.

To Gain a Confident Attitude, Make THIS Change

If you want to ensure a smooth career transition, you’ll need to trade in wishful thinking for confident thinking. This will result in strong, steady emotions that make it easy to start something new. To make the switch from the former type of thinking to the latter, use the word “expect” as often as you can. Lisa K. McDonald, contributor to, says, “Changing ‘want’ to ‘expect’ will shift your mindset in a powerful way. The conscious choice to use the word ‘expect’ transforms success from a desire into a certainty. ‘Do you want to be successful?’ ‘I want to be successful.’ Now, change one word: ‘Do you want to be successful?’ I expect to be successful.’ It truly is this simple to adopt a confident attitude that helps you readily accept and navigate change.

Have your career transitions in the past been rough or peaceful? Share your experiences with us in the space below.

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