How to Use Social Media to Find Great Employees

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“I think I’ll seek a low-quality job candidate today,” said no employer ever. Seriously, the demand for top-talent employees is at an all-time high. Today’s employer is looking for employees who have what it takes to positively impact company culture and bring some serious benefits to the workplace table. Do these individuals exist? You bet. Are they easy to find? Not usually.

Social Media Makes Employee Recruitment Easy

Because highly talented workers can be hard to locate, it’s important that employers take full advantage of social media as a search tool. When used properly, social media sites make finding great candidates a heck of a lot easier. Messaging apps can also be helpful.

Most people know how to navigate social media; they just don’t know how to use it to find and attract the right workers. This doesn’t have to be a problem since learning how to recruit via social media and messaging apps is easy. Anyone (yes, that includes you) can learn how.

What Social Media Sites Attract Great Employees?

Contrary to popular belief, LinkedIn isn’t the only social media network that is of value to employers seeking fantastic employees. While it should be utilized first, it shouldn’t be utilized exclusively.

In her article Friend Me, Follow Me, Recruit Me: The Rise of Social Media in Talent Acquisition, Hillary Ferguson wrote that LinkedIn is the gold standard of social recruiting, but that other social resources should be tapped as well. She wrote, “Recruiters are beginning to combine their search efforts with a…more consumer-oriented strategy that has recently come into play. In order to attract passive candidates, companies can use social media to actively promote their employer brands.” Some of these consumer-oriented sites and apps include Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp, Viber, and Snapchat. Resources such as these empower employers to create “story-driven social media campaigns” (in the words of Ferguson) that grab the attention of potential employees. So while you will find a percentage of your employees via LinkedIn, you should try attracting them organically through sites and apps that are not traditionally used for talent acquisition.

How to Get Started Using Non-LinkedIn Sites for Social Recruiting

Do you take advantage of non-LinkedIn social media sites in your recruitment efforts? If not, and once you’ve mastered the use of LinkedIn, start tackling YouTube. This site has an enormous amount of traffic and allows organizations and individuals to release video marketing materials for free. Your company’s YouTube videos don’t have to be perfect, but they should be personable. After you feel comfortable advertising on YouTube, consider branching into Pinterest, Facebook, etc., and utilizing social messaging apps.

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Everything, including employee recruitment, is going social in the corporate world. How social media-forward is your workplace?

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