Are You Repelling Quality Employees?

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It goes without saying that every employer seeks to hire individuals who are reliable, trustworthy, loyal, and hardworking; in other words, quality. It seems that some employers have an easy time securing great employees, whereas others consistently fail in this area.

How to Stop Driving Away Quality Employees

Do you have trouble attracting and hiring people who add value to your organization? If so, you may be engaging in certain behaviours that drive away good job candidates. Here are a few things you may be doing that job seekers hate:



  • Not keeping interviewees updated – It is common courtesy to let interviewees know when a hiring decision has been made. You may think that it doesn’t matter if you are prompt in updating someone you have chosen not to hire, but think again: those individuals may very well discourage others from applying for future positions at your organization.


  • Creating unappealing job ads – If you want to attract talent, you need to make the jobs you are marketing sound appealing. If an ad only highlights what is expected of a candidate, what types of job seekers do you think it will draw? Ones who are desperate for work and don’t really care about what your organization has to offer them – probably not the type of candidates you are looking for. If you want topnotch employees, make your job ads interesting!



There is no reason why your organization can’t be filled with talented employees. It’s possible that the factors preventing this from manifesting can be easily resolved. Being responsive and creative in your communications, creating fun, engaging job ads and keeping interviewees updated about their hire status will help you cultivate a company atmosphere that attracts game-changing employees. Get started making these changes today!

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