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No matter how gainfully employed you are, almost everyone is a passive candidate on the job market. According to Glassdoor, 84% of employees would consider leaving their current role for a good job offer. Yet looking for a new job when you are already employed can be difficult simply because it takes concentrated time and effort.

This is where recruiters help: they can promote your resume, even when you are not actively applying or searching. Once logged in a recruiter’s database, they will keep referencing your profile – attempting to match you with well-suited opportunities. Thus, getting yourself into that database is one of the best ways to maximize your chances of leveraging new opportunities.

But recruiters add more value to your search than strictly saving time: they often have exclusive knowledge of job opportunities in your area and, most importantly, when speaking with hiring managers, they go beyond your resume to represent your intangible qualities that a resume alone cannot.

Follow these steps to begin building a productive relationship with a recruiter.

Find the right recruiter.

Tap friends and use Google to find local recruitment firms and determine which recruiter(s) specialize in your industry. Then, search the company website or LinkedIn to find their contact information.

Next, reach out by email, call, or social media to schedule an initial discussion. Here you can review your resume, highlight your experiences, and describe what you’re thinking of for the next move in your career.

Remember that this discussion is an interview so prepare for it like one (if you have just started thinking about interviewing – click here). The better you market yourself in that initial meeting, the more effectively a recruiter can showcase you to their clients.

Let your relationship develop over time.

The odds are low that a recruiter will have the perfect job for you on their desk when you call. Building the relationship to assist in finding the right fit for you requires patience and a little upkeep. Reach out to your recruiter from time to time and keep them up to date on new accomplishments to remain fresh in their minds for when they start to recruit a role that matches your skills.

It is also helpful to solicit their advice on your goals for the future. For example, if you are considering career progression, ask what characteristics companies have been seeking in new hires. They might also be able to suggest courses or certifications that will help increase the odds you meet the must-haves for your desired position.

As your objectives fluctuate throughout your career, your interest in new opportunities will also change. Maintaining a relationship with your recruiter can be an essential part of aligning you with jobs that match your unique background and motivations.

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