How to Find a Position with an Employer You’ll Love Working For

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servicios_img-300x201When was the last time you could honestly say that you loved your job? If it has been a long time, you are not alone.

Unfortunately, many of today’s job seekers have not worked for employers they truly enjoyed, leading this disheartened majority of the unemployed to no longer seek fantastic employers; they just want to find jobs that pay the bills.

If this is the position you are in, we want you to consider a different approach. Don’t seek out just any job. Instead, strive to find a career with an organization you’ll be proud to work for. Here are some suggestions that may help you spot an ideal employer:

  • Trust Your Gut Instinct – It’s understandable that those who are unemployed are often frantic to find a job as quickly as possible. However, this type of haste can prevent you from recognizing your gut reaction when interviewing for a position. Even if the job you are interested in seems almost perfect, the organization itself might not be. The Globe and Mail’s Wallace Immen says, “Many job candidates are often too focused on the potential job to notice that the place is micromanaged, or that the team has habits that irritate them. But look around; you can feel it in your stomach if something doesn’t seem right.” Honor your instincts about a potential employer before, during and after the interview process.
  • Enlist the Help of a Recruitment Consultant – Seeking the services of a job recruitment consultant may help you find the ideal employer. The right consultant can help you navigate the process of obtaining a job you desire.
  • Change Your Mindset from Beggar to Chooser – It goes without saying that employers are always searching for the most outstanding employees they can find. While this reality is not necessarily bad, it has unfortunately given many job seekers a mentality that insists, “Beggars can’t be choosers.” Having a beggar mindset can bring disastrous results when it comes to job seeking. First and foremost, it sends signals to employers that you as an applicant are not confident in yourself and are perhaps not a good candidate for a position. Changing your mindset from job beggar to job chooser can positively impact the outcome of your search for a desirable employer.
  • Do Your Research – If you want to find an exceptional place to work, research will reveal to you which companies are growing and doing well financially. When you’ve found a company you are interested in working for, do your best to discover as much as you can about it prior to applying for a position. Debbie Benami-Rahm, a career expert with DBR Career Services, says, “Find out a little bit about the inside scoop (about a company). What’s their management style? How do they value employees? How do they reward and recognize their employees? And, is this congruent with how you want to work and how you want to be treated in an employment situation?”

The process of securing the job of your dreams can be tedious and sometimes discouraging. Despite this, be assured that as you take intentional steps toward finding an excellent employer, a great career will eventually cross your path.

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