How to Conduct a Job Interview That is Both Personable and Professional

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There are few things the majority of job seekers dislike more than job interviews. In large part, people have negative emotions about interviews due to the simple fact that they experience extreme, sometimes paralyzing, nervousness before and during an interview. In all honesty, many employers have the same aversion to the interview process as job candidates do.

Job interviews need not be dreaded experiences. You as an employer have the privilege of setting the tone and creating an atmosphere that minimizes intimidation and eases nervousness. It is crucial that such an atmosphere is set; otherwise, an applicant may be so guarded as to make it impossible for you, the employer, to confidently decide whether or not he or she would be a good fit for your organization.

Conducting an interview that is both professional and personable will help you discern a potential employee’s compatibility with your company. Consider the following tips when planning your next interview:

Could your interviewing skills use some updating? If so, know that with just a little planning and intentionality, you can routinely conduct job interviews that are as personable as they are professional.

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