Dress for Success, Nail the Job Interview

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“If you look good, you do well.”

– Anonymous

Many people believe you can dress your way to success. In fact, looking good and dressing well is thought to be the first step in nailing a job interview.

After all, there seems to be an unexplainable correlation between personal appearance and workplace performance. But in a world where casual office environments produce groundbreaking products like the iPhone, it’s easy to wonder if the look-good-do-well saying is still relevant.

What Should You Wear for a Job Interview?

Today, companies decide on dress codes that complement their modern business models. Whether suits and ties are required or jeans are permitted, employees look to their employers to know what to wear. There is only one problem: who does the job seeker look to for guidance?

Have you found yourself wondering what should you wear for a job interview? Are you concerned you will dress too formal or too lax?

The world of business attire has changed. People feel comfortable going to work in hoodies and flip-flops. But this doesn’t mean that you can show up for an interview dressed this way. Dressing for success is the number one way to nail a job interview, but what does “dress for success” mean today?

How to Look Good and Do Well on a Job Interview

Each person is made different, with a unique physique and style. For this reason, it is hard to offer broad advice as to what you should and should not wear on a job interview. Nevertheless, it is important to feel confident on the day of the job interview. While you want to wear something that is appropriate and professional, above all else, wear something that makes you feel good about yourself.

Here are some valuable pointers on how you can look good, do well, and not dress too casually when going on job interviews.

  • Choose Slacks Over Denim

Most workplaces allow jeans at least one day of the week, but denim is off-limits for job interviews. Instead, opt for a pair of nicely pressed slacks or, for women, knee length skirts.

  • Leave Your Favourite Kicks at Home

A well-worn, scuffed up shoe may warrant unwanted attention. Closed-toed, newer-looking shoes are always in style and appropriate for job interviews.

  • Opt for Dry Cleaning

You may use the dryer as an iron from time to time, but avoid using it to straighten out your job interview ensemble. Instead, spring for dry cleaning. Looking crisp and clean is worth the investment.

If you are looking for a job, you are heavily impacted by the shifting mindset of workplace dress codes. What is the dress code for your potential employer? Even if it is a laid back environment, how casual can you dress for the job interview?

While questions vary between workplaces, there are a few things every job seeker should keep in mind when going on an interview. Be confident, smile, and enjoy the conversation. These attributes come naturally when you feel good about yourself. Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident because when you look good, you do well.

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