Don’t Make These Hiring Mistakes in 2016!

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How many hiring mistakes did you make last year? If you’re like most hiring managers/employers, you made at least a few. This is totally normal; everyone makes mistakes. However, you can learn from your mishaps by avoiding them as well as other hiring mistakes in 2016. Save yourself a lot of stress this year by taking the following advice to heart.

Don’t Let Your Gut Decide Whom You Will Hire

Have you ever hired an employee who was not qualified for a job, just because you had a “good feeling” about him or her? If so, how did that situation turn out? In some cases, hiring managers make gut decisions that turn out well, but instinctual decisions often do not. What a nightmare it is to make a gut decision about a job candidate only to discover a few weeks (or days) down the road how wrong he or she is for the job. Avoid this mistake by not “going with your gut” during the hiring process. Instead, carefully review an applicant’s resume and facilitate a thorough interview process.

Don’t Hire Anyone Too Quickly

If at all possible, avoid hiring anyone too quickly, even if your company is in a huge rush to get a position filled. In his article Seven Deadly Hiring Mistakes, Gregory M. Lousig-Nont writes, “Nature abhors a vacuum and so do employers eager to fill a vacancy. Hiring in desperation often leads to settling for less than the best. Often times, companies are so motivated to fill a position that they hire the first reasonable person who walks through the door. Wrong!” Pacing the hiring process will increase your chances of finding an excellent employee who will stay with your company long term.

Don’t Hire Close Friends

As a general rule, it is not a good idea for a hiring manager to bring a close friend on board his or her company. Not hiring a family member is a given as it is often against an organization’s hiring policy. Hiring friends is a different story. Even if your company has no rule against your hiring close friends, make it your personal policy not to. Nicole Fallon Taylor, Business News Daily’s Assistant Editor, says, “…a close relationship with a person doesn’t automatically qualify them as a good employee.” This is great advice to keep in mind when seeking the ideal candidate for an open position.

We’ve shared some good advice with you concerning hiring mistakes to avoid in 2016; now share your personal advise with us. What hiring mistakes have you vowed to never make again? Leave a comment in the section below.

May 2016 be filled with smart hiring decisions!

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