How to Find a Job When You’re Over 40

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Age discrimination is a real thing in the professional arena. With Millennials swarming the working world, individuals over the age of 40 sometimes feel as though they are not fairly considered for positions. In many cases, they are correct.

Are unemployed individuals who are over the age of 40 at the mercy of discriminatory employers? Are they destined to be “second-class” job seekers? Hardly. There is a lot that these valuable people can do to ensure they find great jobs with employers who deserve them.

Caring for Your Health is a Big Deal

Do you take care of your body? Do you eat a decently healthy diet, exercise and get regular checkups? If not, some employers will see you as more of a liability than an asset. This may seem unfair, but think about it this way — employers seek healthy employees because they are, quite frankly, cheaper to employ as they do not run health-related expenses sky high. Staying healthy will make it much easier for you to find a job you’ll love and enjoy it to the fullest.

Highlight Your Job Experience

Whoever said bragging was a bad thing, never had to look for a job. Seriously, highlighting your job experience is a must for the over-40 job seeker. Why? Because experience is something that younger job seekers lack, therefore it makes you a competitive candidate. Make sure that your resume clearly communicates your job experience. Also, make it a point to not downplay your past achievements. False humility is not a companion you want joining you on your job search.

Strive to Remain Flexible

If you were an employer, would you want to hire rigid individuals who insist upon doing things the way they’ve always been done, or would you look for candidates who are open to trying new things? Although different employers look for different characteristics in potential employees, most seek workers who are flexible. In his article 4 Tips for Getting a Job When You’re Over 40, Kazim Ladimeji encourages you, a job seeker, to demonstrate to employers “that you’re open to developments in the world around you. Consume new media, travel frequently, and get creative when handling challenges at work. All of these things will show employers that you’re keeping up with the times and not afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.”

It may not be as easy to get a job at age 40 as it was at age 30, but it certainly is possible. Have you ever experienced age discrimination while job hunting? If so, how did you deal with it? Share you experience with us in the “comments” section below.



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