Define the Relationship: Recruiters and HR Professionals

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The Relationship between Recruiters and HRRelationships are not easy. This is true on personal and professional levels. One of the most complex business relationships exists between recruiters and human resource professionals.

In any relationship, conflict can arise if roles and expectations are not clearly defined. This may be why, at times, conflict arises between HR and recruiters. To bring clarity to this issue, take a look at the purpose and tasks recruiters assume and explore how these traits compliment the many objectives of human resource departments.

The Purpose of Professional Recruiters

Professional recruiters exist to fill open jobs with qualified job candidates. At a surface level, their purpose seems simple and straight forward. However, as with any profession, the job is more complex than it appears. Finding the best match for a position involves reviewing numerous résumés; conducting multi-level marketing; implementing recruitment strategies that consider unique business needs; considering the costs of hiring; and building long term relationships with companies and job seekers.

The Task of Professional Recruiters

In order to fulfil their purpose, recruiters must complete several tasks every day. Here are three examples of the duties professional recruiters assume:

  1. Follow Up: It is important to update HR departments with the status of their employee searches. It is equally important to keep job seekers up-to-date with the status of their applications.
  2. Marketing: Recruiters often use a variety of communication channels to find and vet appropriate job candidates. Online jobs boards, social media sites and networking events are a few avenues recruiters pursue to find perfect job matches.
  3. Coordinating Introductions: When a recruiter connects an employer with a job seeker, he or she might serve as a liaison in the early stages of the relationship.  Sometimes, this three party relationship (between the recruiter and employee and employer) can go on for upwards of one year.

When Recruiters and HR Work Together

By finding job candidates who can fill open job positions, recruiters help human resource departments succeed. Recruiters can bolster their relationships with HR professionals (and, in effect, increase their own business) by being communicative and honest.

HR professionals are wise to trust recruiters who can find qualified candidates for their positions. Conducting employment searches alone can prove to be overwhelming. However, for the HR/recruiter relationship to be successful, recruiters must be honest about the applicants they introduce to potential employers. With transparent and consistent communication, positive relationships will form between recruiters and HR professionals.

When done right, this relationship can make the world of business a better place.

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