The Benefits of Contract Employment

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Which do you prefer: full-time employment or contract work? People tend to opt for one avenue of employment or the other, but right now, temporary employees are in high demand.

We live in a new economy where companies seem to be hiring highly skilled contract workers to execute short-term projects. This can be seen as a win-win situation; it provides low cost options for employers and gainful employment opportunities for contractors. Nevertheless, full-time workers often object to this model of business and prefer to wait for permanent positions.

This article encourages people who believe in full-time employment to recognize the benefits of contract work. Viewing temporary positions as potential employment opportunities increase chances of quickly landing lucrative jobs.  More so, contract work is said to offer flexibility, skill development and financial kickbacks that full-time jobs don’t offer.

Contract Employment Includes Flexibility

In essence, contract employees are their own bosses. For instance, if a company were to hire you on as a contractor they are considered your client, not an employer. With every new client, there is the opportunity to negotiate salary and working conditions, like working from home. Also, because contract workers renew their client contracts frequently, there are more opportunities to discuss additional employment incentives.

Contract Employment Provides Skill Development

As a contractor, you would offer a specialized service that can be used across different industries. One of the benefits of short-term employment is that you’ll probably get to work in various industries, and as a result, learn while you work. This sort of broad experience can strengthen your résumé and help you establish a large professional network.

Contract Employment Offers Financial Benefits

People are surprised to learn there are financial benefits to being a contract worker. While a contract worker may have a less predictable income, it is possible to make what a full-time employee earns, and even more.

Being a contract worker means you have a higher chance of receiving the pay you desire and deserve. Instead of the company setting your salary, you set your “going rate.”

Addressing Other Concerns

Workers who favour full-time employment often express concerns, like lack of job security and no health or retirement benefits, as top reasons why they avoid contract positions. By knowing what you are good at and offering specialized services in a niche market, you can feel secure that your abilities will always lead you to work. Also, your professional network will be growing as you continue to put yourself out there, meaning your chances of finding new jobs will increase.

As for health and retirement benefits, it is possible to negotiate extra earnings with each client so that you can afford an independent health care plan, contribute to a personal IRA, and pay your taxes. The flexibility that comes with contract employment makes it possible to request as much money as you need and think you deserve.

If you are not working currently, but want and need to land employment quickly, tell your recruiter that you are interested in contract positions. This increases the amount of job postings that will be available to you. Once you fully realize the flexibility, skill development and financial benefits of these positions, you may not want to work full-time ever again.

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