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The 3 Trendiest Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

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Without Googling the answer, how many people would you guess are active on LinkedIn? The correct answer is 500 million. Yes, you read that right: 500 million people use LinkedIn. Also on LinkedIn are 10 million active job posts. Additionally, it was reported by DMR Business Statistics that…

  • 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find job candidates
  • The average recruiter has 616 connections on LinkedIn
  • There are 3 times more job views on LinkedIn than Twitter

Clearly, LinkedIn is the place to be for anyone who is career-minded.

The 3 Trendiest Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

Since its establishment, countless jobs have been found via LinkedIn. Each year, new LinkedIn job-search trends emerge, and 2017’s include…

  1. Getting inside recruiters’ heads
  2. Considering freelancing
  3. Optimizing your LinkedIn profile

Get inside recruiters’ heads

If you want to be successful in your LinkedIn job search, strive to understand the minds of recruiters who use the platform. Here are a few things they know and you should know:

— Talent is the main priority at their companies.

— Hiring volume will continue to increase in 2017.

Now that you know what many recruiters on LinkedIn know, you can tailor your skill set to increase your odds of getting hired. Also, understanding that hiring volume is on the increase should afford you a little peace of mind about landing a job.


Consider freelancing

Are you a part-time freelancer, or do you have the skills to be? If so, develop those skills to the utmost. You may even want to consider becoming a full-time freelancer. Why? Because, according to LinkedIn, it is more cost-effective for companies to hire freelancers as opposed to regular employees. This means more and more employers will hire freelancers in the near future. A contributor to LinkedIn said that “Millennials are expected to comprise 75% of the global workforce by 2025, and the data shows millennials are hungry for more autonomy.” Employers know this and will create positions accordingly.


Optimize your Linkedin profile

Another trendy way to find a job (or, rather, be found by a job) on LinkedIn is to optimize your profile. This entails keyword-optimizing your job titles. The Inbound Marketing Blog stated,

“We’re definitely not recommending you describe your last position as ‘Management’ when it was more of an administrative role, but tweaking your job titles to include a few keywords can be really beneficial. Instead of ‘Blog Manager,’ bait search engines by changing it to ‘Inbound Marketing Strategy Blog Manager.’”

Learn more about how to keyword-optimize your job titles (as well as the rest of your LinkedIn profile) here.

If you’re serious about finding a job, get active on LinkedIn and comply with trends like getting inside recruiters’ heads, building your freelancing skills, and optimizing your profile. Which of these trends are you most likely to follow?

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