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3 Workplace Trends That Will Affect Employers in 2018

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In 2017, several workplace trends had a direct effect on employers, including but not limited to…

  • Blended workforces
  • Continuous reviews as opposed to annual performance reviews
  • Team performance emphasized over individual performance

These trends required extra effort in 2017 from those in management positions. Many were up to the challenge and had an overall great year. 2018 will bring its own share of workplace trends that company leaders should be aware of. 

3 Workplace Trends That Will Affect Employers in 2018

Each year, researchers predict workplace trends in an effort to help prepare organizations for change. In some cases, the predictions are well-researched. For example, Daniel Schawbel, contributor to Forbes, said his predictions are “based on hundreds of conversations with executives and workers, a series of national and global online surveys and secondary research from more than 450 different research sources, including colleges, consulting firms, non-profits, the government, and trade associations.”

According to research, three trends employers should prepare for in 2018 include…

1. Acceptance of non-traditional learning credentials — This trend was predicted by Schawbel in November of 2017. He mentioned the current demand for self-directed learning resources and explained how it is driving the need for new credentialing systems. Schawbel stated that the younger generation is slowly veering away from traditional learning paths (such as those offered at university or college) in favor of ones that are less formal and much cheaper. Employers should be prepared to accept non-traditional credentials from job candidates in 2018.

2. Prioritization of the employee experience — It is becoming more important to employers that an employee’s overall work experience is positive. (In the past, there was a huge emphasis on the customer experience, not necessarily the employee experience.) The employee experience will probably be even more prioritized by companies in 2018 than it was in 2017. Human Resources Today stated,

Experts have found that the employee experience is the foundation of employee engagement, and positively correlated to the customer experience. Other global companies like AirBnb, IBM, and Cisco have also discovered the importance of the employee experience, and are likely to make this a priority in 2018.”

3. The push for the standing desk — Now more than ever, employees are interested in staying fit on the job. The standing desk offers an ideal way to do this. The standing desk gives employees the option to not sit all day, which helps them burn calories and stave off the jitters.  Talent Culture wrote,

Research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has called the standing desk the fastest growing employee benefit in the United States.”

Organizations throughout the globe should be prepared to meet this demand in 2018.

Which of these workplace trends for 2018 do you think will have the most impact on employers?

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