Retired? Want to Get Back Into the Workforce? Consider These 3 Job Markets

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There is a growing population of retirees who are interested in reentering the workforce. These individuals may have a number reasons for this. For one, they might need a creative or professional outlet. But more often than not, they need additional income. “Millions of retirees, fearful of Social Security cutbacks, are returning to the workforce or finding new income sources…. Indeed, more than half of elderly employees…said the main reason they work is ‘wanting the income,’” stated the New York Post

Regardless of the reason for wanting to return to work, most retirees can make a successful entrance back into the workforce, especially if they choose a job in an industry that is tailor-made for them.  

3 Job Markets for Retirees Reentering the Workforce

A study by AARP indicated that 13 percent of retirees want to return to work. Are you one of them? If so, here three job markets you should look into: 

1. Human resources — One of the most valuable things retirees bring to an employer’s table is experience. Those who have spent several decades in the workplace have had plenty of opportunities to work through conflicts with peers and supervisors, as well as grow their set of soft skills, such as communication and leadership. For these reasons, retirees with well-developed people skills can make great Human Resources professionals if they are open to taking on a full-time gig. 

2. Hospitality — A number of hospitality roles would work well for a retired person, especially for someone seeking part-time work. For example, a retiree might find enjoyment in a hotel concierge role. In 10 Great Jobs for Retirees Who Want to Go Back to Work, The Balance Careers stated, 

“When you live in a town or city you know well, consider a concierge job at a hotel. The hours are flexible, though you may need to work weekends. You’ll be helping guests choose restaurants, tours, events, and activities.” 

If you’re looking for job flexibility and variety, as well as opportunities to help others enjoy their stay in your city, the hospitality industry might be ideal for you. 

3. Consulting/freelance — Retirees are often the best candidates for consulting/freelance work due to their extensive experience in any given profession. For example, a retired accountant might opt to offer freelance services in accounting instead of going back to full-time accounting for an employer. Their customers would receive the benefit of working with a seasoned accountant who has navigated just about every accounting scenario in the past.

The consulting/freelance job market also gives retirees unparalleled flexibility. Since the majority of those who are retired are probably not interested in a strict work schedule, consulting or freelancing could be the perfect job market for them. 

Tips for Getting Hired as a Retiree

If you’ve been out of the workforce for several years, the thought of reentering it can be a little daunting. To reenter the workforce successfully, revamp your resume. (It’s often well worth the money to have it created by a professional resume-writer.) Brushing up on your interviewing skills and seeing your age as an asset, not a liability, can also help you land the job you want, according to The Muse.  

Have you decided to go back to work after retirement? What job market(s) are you most interested in currently?

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