How to Build a Great Company Brand to Attract Top Talent

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If your HR department is overflowing with applications even as this recession begins to wane, enjoy it while it lasts, for a talent war for educated, talented, skilled, hard-working employees is coming.

To get ahead of that inevitability so that your company will be able to attract and retain “A-list” employees now and in the future, try these tips:How to

If you have the budget for it, offer signing bonuses. Pay your current employees a referral fee, as well. After all, great current employees know great potential employees.

If you can’t find the monies to offer referral, signing and retention bonuses, there are some non-monetary incentives you can offer employee lunches and groups events in order to foster a feeling of belonging and engagement.

Offer employees flexibility. Let those who want or need to leave early to pick up children from school the option of coming in early. Those who have a hard time greeting the morning with a smile on their face, let them come in at 10 and stay until 7 p.m.

Provide more paid time off. If possible, offer all employees — not just top management — three, four, or even five weeks of vacation. Combine it with personal days, if necessary, or even sick days if you absolutely must. More and more people are finding that time off is more important to them than money.

Promote from within and do so regularly. In fact, make it a policy (written or un-written) that current employees receive more serious consideration than outsiders. Provide opportunities for employees to learn new skills and grow their knowledge base.

As for the actual sourcing and interviewing processing, try these tips:

  • Respect your candidates. Treat them more like sales prospects than “just” job candidates.
  • Don’t drag out the hiring process. In fact, establish a time frame early in the candidate search.
  • Keep your candidates informed about the status of the hiring.

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