How Canadian Employers Can Increase Employee Satisfaction and Retention

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Just about every company across the globe struggles with some degree of staff turnover. By better understanding the perks employees want most, Canadian employers can decrease turnover and increase employee satisfaction. This would have a positive effect on an individual company’s bottom line, as well as the Canadian economy in general.

Increase Retention by Delivering the Perks Your Canadian Employees Want Most

Do you know what benefits your workers are most interested in? Here are the top perks Canadian employees desire, according to

1. Job security — In a survey from 2011, just over half of all respondents, who were Canadian employees, said job security heavily informed their decision about what employer to choose. Also, there are many unionized workers across the country. These findings indicate that employers can satisfy their employees first and foremost by providing them with job security.

2. Work-life balance — Most employees desire a healthy work-life balance, no matter what culture they are from or industry they work in. Canadians are no different. The average Canadian employee works about 36 hours per week, whereas the average American employee works anywhere from 44 hours weekly. This helps prove that Canadians place a high priority on work-life balance. By ensuring they maintain a good work-life balance, Canadian employers will make their workers even happier than they already are.   

3. Earnings — Like employees across the globe, Canadians are are interested in earning a healthy income. “Given that the average Canadian spends 36+ hours per week at work, it is necessary that this time is well remunerated to offset this investment,” per a contributor to Providing workers with generous pay will help Canadian employers retain employees and increase their loyalty and engagement.

4. Health benefits — Many Canadian employees are very interested in health benefits. This is due in part to the fact that a large number of them work in industries that pose risks to their health, such as manufacturing and fishing. Offering sufficient health benefits is one of the very best ways Canadian employers can make workers more satisfied.

Are You Giving Your Workers the Benefits They Want?

Maybe you offer an on-site fitness facility and are generous with bonuses, but your employees desire more scheduling flexibility and better pay. By giving your employees what they truly value (as the company budget allows), you will boost worker retention and rates of satisfaction. Administering surveys is a helpful way to get an idea of what perks would please your employees most.

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