How to Keep Employers Interested AFTER an Interview

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Job-interview-437x300Imagine this: you apply for a job you think you would enjoy immensely. A week later you get called in for an interview. You ace the interview and leave feeling confident and excited. A week goes by, and you hear nothing, so you send a follow-up email. After you endure another week or two of silence, you receive an email stating that the position you applied for was filled by another candidate. Although you are not surprised, you are dejected.

Has this ever happened to you?

Are You Tired of Being the Perpetual Job Seeker?

Many job seekers are frustrated with the cycle of applying for a job, having a great interview, and then not getting hired (or, in some cases, not even hearing back from an interviewer). This type of situation causes people to dread the entire process of finding a new job.

If you’ve been actively seeking a job for several weeks or months, don’t get discouraged. Instead, learn how to keep a potential employer interested in you as a candidate after you’ve been interviewed.

Handwritten Notes Get the Attention of Employers

The most obvious way to maintain an employer’s enthusiasm about you post-interview is to follow up with both an email and a handwritten note 24 hours after an interview is complete. (The note should arrive about 3 days after the interview.) You may think the idea of sending a handwritten note seems over the top, but Forbes’ Liz Ryan disagrees. She writes, “If you think a handwritten note is too formal and old-fashioned for today’s job search world, all I can tell you is that we hear from hiring managers every day who tell us that a well-written and thoughtful thank-you note was the deciding factor between two capable candidates.” When writing your thank-you note, be sure to spell the name(s) of your interviewer(s) correctly, and mention something specific that you enjoyed about the interview.

Prove That You Are a Flexible, Creative Candidate

Another way to pique the interest of a potential employer is to take any suggestions he or she offers in an interview seriously, without getting offended or disheartened. Heather Huhman, writer for, says, “For example, the employer said you’d be a stronger candidate if you had at least one year of experience. Instead of ignoring the interviewer’s feedback, inquire about internship opportunities. This shows your eagerness to learn and your interest in the company.” This type of behaviour will put your ingenuity and flexibility on display and possibly increase your value to an interviewer.

Don’t Act Desperate

Desperation is not an attractive quality in a job seeker. After you have sent your follow-up email and handwritten note post-interview, wait to be contacted. Emailing every other day or calling could make you appear too needy and might kill a company’s interest in you.

Following up with an interviewer via email and handwritten note, demonstrating your problem-solving skills during an interview, and avoiding pushy, desperate behaviour post-interview are excellent ways to make yourself an unforgettable job candidate. Back these actions up with the belief that you are an asset to any company, and you’ll increase your chances of landing a job you really want.

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