Why You Should Create a Welcoming Work Environment

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15736783f4aed8dc36247b2cc3fa9d49Do you remember the last time you experienced your first day at a new job? Was it nerve wracking? Most people would say so. The worst thing about starting a new job is getting adjusted to the workplace atmosphere. If one is lucky, it will be warm and welcoming. If not, the workplace environment will be cold and uninviting. Which type of professional atmosphere would you rather encounter?

Employers, It’s Time to Wake Up and Welcome Your New Hires

As an employer, it would serve you well to remember the importance of making new hires feel welcome at work. This doesn’t mean you coddle new hires, but it does mean you treat them warmly and enthusiastically. At its core, not making someone feel welcome at work is not wrong; it is just unprofessional and communicates a lack of value for an employee. If you want your employees to stick around, it’s vital that you create a culture that is welcoming and affirming.

Making Workers Feel Welcome Reduces Turnover

Did you know that you can avoid costly employee turnover simply by ensuring your new hires feel comfortable and accepted at the start of their career with your company? Marcus Erb, writer for entrepreneur.com, reports that “many employees make their decision to stay or quit within their first six months on the job.” For employers who don’t know how to make new employees feel welcome, this is bad news. Conversely, organizational leaders who take time to learn the art of welcoming employees to a new workplace reap the rewards of low turnover rates.

Creating an Inviting Workplace Atmosphere Is Easy

Perhaps you are an employer who is not as relational as you’d like to be. Maybe you struggle with communicating value to your workforce. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a success at creating a welcoming work atmosphere for new (and old) hires.

Making new employees feel welcome at your company is a lot easier than you think. Erb suggests assigning new hires a “department buddy,” someone who can show them the ropes and introduce them to peers and managers. A new employee’s department buddy should be responsible for mentoring him or her during the first few weeks on the job. Can you imagine how this simple strategy could make new hires feel cared for?

Mike Armstrong, writer for Urban Bound, suggests giving a new employee something to do on his or her first day at work. He says, “Start small, but give your new hire some tasks to get moving on right away. (New hires want) to demonstrate their value to the company, so let them!” This is another practical way to make new employees feel welcome at your organization.

Are you eager to reduce turnover, increase employee satisfaction and establish an attractive company culture? If so, make it a priority to ensure your new hires feel welcome at your workplace. Remember, how you make employees feel today will affect your company either negatively or positively tomorrow, so take measures to create an inviting work atmosphere. Your employees will love you for it!


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