4 Tips for Retaining High Potential Talent

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As a Winnipeg recruitment firm, Pinnacle Staffing knows that top performers are key to the success of every company. And while they may only make up a small percentage of your staff, it’s important to have the right talent management process in place in order to retain and develop them to their highest potential.

To help you, here are some strategies to keep in mind:

1. Keep Them Engaged.

It’s important that high potential employees are given challenging – and high level – opportunities in which to learn from and prove themselves. While this can be a scary prospect for some managers, it’s a critical part of the employee’s development.

2. Match Them With a Mentor.

Mentoring programs offer a variety of benefits when developing talent. Not only can a good mentor advise and teach high potential talent, but they can also help them acclimate more effectively to the corporate culture and values. And in fact, studies have shown that employees that are mentored stay on the job longer than those that are left to sink or swim.

3. Invest in Them.

Beyond a mentoring program, think about other ways to invest in talent. For instance, is your company large enough where it would make sense for him or her to take on rotational assignments, so they can learn the ins and outs of all the departments? High potential employees typically thrive on learning opportunities, so this is an effective way to keep them engaged and motivated.

4. Measure Their Performance More Often.

Rather than the typical annual performance review, measure your high potential employees on a quarterly basis. This is especially true if you’ve taken the steps above; as a result, you can provide them with more immediate feedback and advice. In turn, they can use this insight to improve their performance, which makes a positive impact on the organization in the end.

Need Help Hiring High Potential Talent?

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