Web 2.0 Recruiting Benefits and Tips

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Web 2.0 Recruiting Benefits and TipsThe Internet continues to change how recruiters seek talent. Web 2.0 technologies, like social media networks, blogs, and video streaming, are at every recruiter’s disposal. These tools are making it easy and inexpensive to place the best people in the right jobs.

When used to their full potential, Web 2.0 recruiting technologies provide multiple avenues of communication and research through a cost effective, global system: the Internet.

5 Benefits of Web 2.0 Recruiting Tools

  1. Multi-dimensional- Viewing a blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed, and/or LinkedIn profile provides the recruiter with a broad perspective of the job seeker. This affords an opportunity to see what the individual’s interests are and how he or she interacts in social settings and communicates in public.
  2. Cost Effective- These days, a good amount of background research can be accomplished by using Web 2.0 tools. By dedicating some time to social media searching, the recruiter may find all the information he or she needs to confirm an individual’s qualifications.
  3. Interactive- When wanting to connect with potential candidates, LinkedIn is an appropriate system to send messages through. In addition, many recruiters are increasing their use of e-mail, Skype, and text messaging to communicate with prospects.
  4. Clear Cut- The job of recruiter is clear cut when using Web 2.0 technologies. This “middleman” is given a full understanding of the client’s goals and the candidate’s abilities by reviewing social media channels.
  5. Diverse- These tools also help ensure a diverse workforce. With the ability to reach out to passive candidates, it is possible to attract outside talent who may offer unique skill sets and diverse business backgrounds.

Tips for Using Web 2.0 Recruiting Technologies

These days, there is a lot of advice available to assist recruiting efforts. With the popularity of social media sites, blogs, and video streaming, placing the best applicant in the right job is easy. Here are some ways to fully utilize a variety of social Web 2.0 recruiting technologies:

Facebook- Put a face with a name and better understand a candidate’s public character.

LinkedIn- Locate possible candidates who meet specific qualifications and fulfil job objectives.

Twitter- Follow online activity to get a better sense of a candidate’s interests.

Blogs- Many people now have personal blogs that serve as professional resumes. These sites are often more involved than a traditional resume and may serve as a broad profile for the candidate’s business objectives.

In addition to helping recruiters find candidates, Web 2.0 technologies may also help candidates find recruiters, recruitment firms, and head hunters. In this sense, blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and LinkedIn profiles are all tools recruiters can use as a way of business promotion.  To clarify a professional role and match the best people with the right jobs, Web 2.0 is the way to see and be seen.

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