Tips for “Inside” Hiring

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Many times, employers invest considerable resources into sourcing, screening, and recruiting candidates for a certain job…when the best candidate is right under their nose – already working at the company.

While internal vs. external hiring is a hotly debated topic, there are a variety of reasons why you may want to consider hiring internally for certain positions, including:

  • Existing employees already know and fit with the company culture and they have performed well on the job.
  • By hiring from within, you can actually reduce turnover and improve morale by offering tangible opportunities for advancement at your company.
  • Moreover, in this day and age, you really can’t afford to make a hiring mistake. Hiring internally can offer more peace of mind that you’re putting a quality candidate in a particular position.

However, as a leading Winnipeg recruitment agency, we also know that many internal hiring programs are outdated, relying simply on posting job openings on bulletin boards and on the company’s intranet. Or it involves promoting based on seniority, which doesn’t always result in the right people in the right positions.

To get your internal hiring program up-to-date, here are several ideas to consider:

Seek out “passive” candidates. 

Rather than just posting a job and hoping the right internal candidate applies, seek out candidates you think might be good for the position. They may not even be thinking about a career move and might need some gentle prodding to move out of their “comfort zone.” To identify the right candidates, talk to managers and employees and review past performance evaluations.

Eliminate frustrating rules.

The problem with many internal hiring programs is all the rules they must follow, such as tenure requirements before an employee can apply for a new position. But many times, these rules can actually hurt the process because they frustrate the most ambitious and talented individuals.

Take a flexible approach.

Rather than only offering promotions or transfers, seek out employees for project assignments and part-time job rotations to help them expand their skill set and evaluate if they’re the right fit for a position.

And if you’d like help with your hiring process, simply give us a call. As a leading Winnipeg recruitment agency, many of the world’s most respected companies have turned to us for innovative staffing solutions. Our approach to staffing enables us to meet your company’s staffing needs across all divisions and departments. Learn more now.>

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