The elevator pitch

The “Elevator Pitch”

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If someone asked you right now, “tell me about yourself,” how ready are you?  

Whether interviewing, networking for business, or meeting new people at a party, this question is ubiquitous. And yet many people haven’t spent the time to create a compelling snapshot of themselves. 

Being able to answer this question with ease takes just a little foresight and finesse. Think of your response answering who you are and why someone should remember you in the amount of time it would take an elevator to go from point A to point B (approx. 20-30 seconds). You now have your ELEVATOR PITCH. 

There are 3 essential features to your pitch, 

  1. Think of something unique – what is something that is specific to you? 
  1. Think of something current – where are you at in your life? 10 years into your career? A recent grad?  
  1. Think of something relevant – what is the context of your conversation? Is it personal or professional? 

Example of an “elevator pitch” in an interview:

I’m a Research Associate now, and I used to be a beekeeper [unique].  

Before I went to university, I started my own business running a bee farm for 4 years – which ultimately taught me a lot about problem solving.  

I graduated from the U of M with an honors English degree in 2021 and found that a lot of my strengths lay in research. While I was applying for jobs, a recruiter at Pinnacle reached out and asked if I would be interested in a full-time role doing market research and finding candidates for them [current].  

I’ve been there for close to a year now, and in addition to sourcing candidates, I write – typically job descriptions and blog posts as well as some social media marketing. I have enjoyed developing my copywriting skills and want to stay in a position that utilizes them. [relevant] 

In this example, I gave something sticky (pun intended) with which to remember me by, and I gave them some insights into who I am: in this case, a researcher, a professional, and my current responsibilities in my position.  

Remember: reciting a pitch like this verbatim should be saved for a formal interview. In a regular conversation feel free to keep it more organic and don’t hesitate to cut larger pieces to fit the conversation.  

You can find more tips to build your career on our blog and our LinkedIn page.

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