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Stop Using These 4 Outdated Resume-Related Job Search Tactics

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In theory, it takes about six months to land a job that pays $60,000 per year — roughly one month for every $10,000 earned. This statistic should give weary job seekers encouragement that a longer job search is the rule, not the exception, for those who want to make considerable income.

Telling yourself “the more money I want to make, the longer it will take me find work” will help you remain patient throughout the job search process. At the same time, ensure there is nothing you are doing, such as using outdated job search tactics, to unduly extend your job search. 

Are You Using These 4 Outdated Resume-Related Job Search Tactics?

Some job seekers aren’t getting the results they want because they are using old-fashioned, ineffective job search tactics that negatively affect their resumes. Here are a few job search mistakes you might be making unknowingly: 

1. Providing a disengaging resume — Reading resumes for hours at a time is boring for hiring managers. This is especially true when they are dryly worded. Job seekers can do themselves and their potential employers a service by creating engaging resumes that stand out, yet are still professional.

2. Insisting on having a one-page resume — Don’t mistakenly think the one-page resume rule applies to job seekers as it did in the past. US News stated, “…times have changed, and two-paged resumes are common now. People with only a few years of experience should still stick to one page, but two pages are fine for everyone else.”

3. Putting too much weight on a resume’s ability to get you noticed — A resume used to be the main piece of bait people used to get noticed by employers. This is not the case today. While a great resume is a must for job seekers, equally important is a fantastic LinkedIn profile. 94 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates, so being present/active on the free platform is an ideal way to get recruiters and potential employers to notice you. 

4. Using a resume’s “Objective” section to connect with employers — According to a contributor to Recruiter, job seekers often make the mistake of trying to connect with potential employers through the “Objective” section of their resumes. The writer suggested that job seekers utilize the LinkedIn profile “Summary” section to connect with employers instead:

“(Use) your LinkedIn profile’s ‘Summary’ section to build immediate connections with readers through ‘I’ statements, expressions of professional passion, appropriate keywords, quantitative data, and highlighted accomplishments.”

What To Do If Your Job Search Is Taking Too Long

If it feels like it’s taking forever to find the right job, try taking these actions:

  • Put together a creatively worded resume that engages readers
  • Allow yourself to have a longer resume
  • Create a LinkedIn profile and stay active on the platform
  • Connect with employers and recruiters by using “I” statements in your LinkedIn profile’s “Summary” section

Learn how to create a stellar LinkedIn profile in our blog article Your LinkedIn Profile Has 10 Seconds to Make a Great Impression.

Have you been using any of the outdated job search tactics mentioned here?

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