Stepping Up to the Plate: How to Become a Better Team Leader.

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In an increasingly competitive job market, your background and skills must be stellar to rise to the top of the resume pile. One trait all employers are looking for in a potential employee is leadership. Every organization is looking for employees who will rise to the occasion and lead successfully lead their teammates.

Don’t get left behind.
Help boost your resume and background and improve on your leadership skills by following these tips:

  • Don’t be a whiner. Yes, we’re starting with something you shouldn’t be, but this is a great place to start. Leaders demonstrate their leadership through actions and words. Think of someone who has inspired you with great leadership. Have you ever heard that person whine? That’s because leaders don’t dwell on the negative or gripe about the small things. Want to be seen as a leader? Focus on the positive, and even if you’re frustrated about something, don’t be a whiner!
  • Improve your listening skills. The best way to lead is to know and understand those who are being led. Take the time to listen to your peers and leaders. Ask questions if you don’t understand something, or if you want to learn more. Invest yourself in knowing the nuances of your employer and team. Armed with your newfound knowledge, you’ll be ready to step up.
  • Be open minded. Let’s face it, many jobs and workplaces can be somewhat unpredictable. When your employer throws changes your way, be open minded, and adeptly alter your habits to embrace change.
  • Set goals. Take the time to set personal and professional goals – then achieve them. Mark your successes and admit your shortcomings along the way. Striving to achieve more – then achieving or surpassing your goals, is the mark of a leader.
  • Keep improving. Identify your weakness or areas needing improvement, then devise a clear plan to overcome them. If you need help identifying areas of improvement, ask your boss or trusted peers.
  • Never stop learning. Stay up to date on the latest industry news and trends by reading newspapers, blogs, and websites devoted to your area of expertise. Bring interesting articles or advancements to your organization, and offer suggestions for improvement or implementation of new ideas for improvement. You’re never too old to learn!
  • Don’t be afraid to smile. Showing your team members the “human” side of you has its benefits. It helps you garner trust and be seen as a real person. Have some fun at work from time to time, well maintaining professionalism.

Standing out as a leader within your organization can provide you with additional challenges and opportunities to grow and advance. And if you’re looking for new career opportunities, Pinnacle can help. We match experienced professionals with top employers across Winnipeg.

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