Secrets to Snagging and Retaining the Best Millennial Employees

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Millennials have been accused of being lazy, self-absorbed employees, but this isn’t necessarily the case. “While many of the stereotypes associated with the word ‘millennial’ are considered negative, research shows that millennials work hard in any career they enter,” stated Forbes. Gen Y individuals can make effective, loyal, driven employees. If you want the best Millennial workers for your company, making your workplace more Millennial-friendly will help you get and keep them.

“…millennials can bring youthful enthusiasm and a fresh perspective to the job, making them a valuable addition to your team.” — Forbes  

Want to Draw Top Millennial Talent? Here’s How 

Here are three ways your organization can draw Millennial employees who will add lots of value to your company: 

1. Ensure they are using their talents — It’s easy for any employee to go through the motions at work, rarely using their talents. This won’t fly with Millennials. “I would argue many millennials are forced to move on early because their employers don’t give them the opportunity to use their true talents,” stated “When you really have insight into your employees’ strengths and weaknesses, you can provide them with work and training opportunities that match their unique talents.” To become familiar with employees’ strengths and weaknesses, suggests that employers offer the CliftonStrengths test and the DiSC assessment to workers. 

2. Offer flexible schedules — Giving employees a say in their work schedule is one of the surest ways to draw Millennial talent, and being rigid about scheduling is one of the quickest ways to repel Gen Y workers. “To attract and retain top-quality millennial talent, it is imperative that you think outside of the 9-to-5 box,” stated Derek Robinson, per Forbes. “This is because an increasing number of millennials think having a flexible work schedule is as important as getting a desirable salary.”

3) Educate them about company values and mission — Millennial employees are often inspired by passion and purpose. Being unsure of your company’s mission, values and culture will deter top Millennial workers from applying to or sticking with your company. Highlight what makes your organization unique and outstanding by creating a series of short videos on the subject, to be included in your onboarding course. You can also upload them on the company website to draw Gen Y job seekers. In the videos, have a diverse group of employees talk for a minute or two each about what your company stands for and what it means to them.     

Making Your Workplace Attractive to Millennials is a Smart Business Move

Gen Y employees could comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025. By ensuring they use their strengths at work, offering them a relatively flexible work schedule, and educating them about your company’s unique identity and values, you can draw the right Millennials to your workplace and keep those you already have, promoting retention and reducing turnover costs.

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