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applying for jobs,career advancement,job seeker,resume,September,update your resume month,updating resumeA résumé is a living document. As an employee achieves career milestones and increases his or her value, it is important to make note of these accomplishments. The refreshed résumé can serve as a reminder of success and proof of professional abilities.

Some believe a résumé only needs attention when actively seeking employment. Even without a job on the horizon, it is wise to refresh a résumé. In reality, reviewing this document on a regular basis is ideal.

Unfortunately, more often than not it seems procrastination interrupts good intentions to tweak the ol’ résumé. After all, the process can be time-consuming and overwhelming. But, getting excited about this task is possible; begin by starting small; then build upon the original document; finally, spruce it up with fresh creativity.

Refreshing a Résumé

Start small

When sitting down to review a résumé, know that a total rewrite is not necessary. Keep in mind that it is appropriate to work on one section at a time. Before beginning work, consider these questions:

  • Is it relevant? Does information need to be added?
  • Are there any portions that can be eliminated?

Any content that does not represent current goals or is unrelated to a current career path may be cut. This can create room for points of significance.

Build Upon

Adding and detracting information limits the amount of work that needs to be done. The existing résumé establishes a framework that may not need revision. When refreshing this document, new experience or milestones ought to be included. This content clarifies an individual’s professional purpose and gives potential employers a clear understanding of a candidate’s value.

Spruce it up!

Not only is it important to refresh information, it may be a good time to give the résumé a new look. A résumé is just one way to stand out among job seekers. Make sure a résumé has unique appeal. This can be done with the type of paper used for printing, colours and font choices, and graphic design.

Even when infusing a résumé with creativity, familiar organization is necessary. It is important that a résumé be easy to read and give ample room for contact information. Also remember to proofread the final version! Refreshing a résumé may highlight sloppy mistakes that can be addressed during the revision process. On the flip side, it raises the chances of making new mistakes. Look it over with fresh eyes to eliminate this possibility.

An updated résumé is not a luxury; it is essential. It reminds a person of his or her professional accomplishments which can boost confidence. An up-to-date résumé also allows a person to extend a professional account in a moment’s notice. Taking the time to refresh a résumé means career advancement is one step away.

If you want to learn more about refreshing your resume, listen to our segment on CJOB for the Top 5 Things to Keep in Mind.

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